Want to travel more in the coming year? Here’s how to balance it financially. Many people traveled more in 2021 than in 2020. This made sense given the trajectory of the pandemic and the availability of COVID-19 vaccines. But you might be aiming to travel even more in 2022 thanRead More →

Members of civil society and representatives of political parties in Angola criticize President João Loureço’s budget for trips to the UN. On September 8, President Lourenço approved, in a presidential decree, the sum of US$4,119,036.75 (2,500,000,000 Angolan Kwanza or KSh454,741,657.20) for operating expenses in preparation for the 76th session ofRead More →

Whether you’re planning a dazzling vacation this year or a quick trip, budgeting in advance is crucial. This way, you can prevent your trip from causing you debt that you will have to pay off for months or years. But be careful, even with a budget, when traveling, you couldRead More →

The town hall has reduced its budget for domestic travel for MCAs and Nairobi staff by 17 million shillings in an effort to limit local travel expenses. This follows a report by the Budget Controller earlier this month that accused MCAs of pocketing millions in travel and per diem allowances,Read More →