Women entrepreneurs prove their courage

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March 12, 2021, 10:26 p.m.

There are many inspiring stories of women successfully exploring their entrepreneurship using digital platforms during the home lockdown test period due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some felt the need to supplement the family income which saw a drastic drop in the salaries of the main breadwinners and even layoffs. Others were not driven by such a compelling need but made good use of the idle time to do something creative and positive and to their surprise discovered immense potential to expand their business skills. What is particularly noteworthy is, as a report in a contemporary English newspaper claims, that women led men during the pandemic to use social sites to explore uncharted business territory. A good number of women entrepreneurs have not only expanded their businesses to all corners of the country, but have also pushed the boundaries beyond the border.

No, none of them shone like the world’s youngest female billionaire, Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder of an online dating company Bramble in the United States of America. The trick in her case was to go public for the second largest online dating company. What is important is to think outside the box and thoroughly develop the idea of ​​discovering a new frontier of business. Here, innovation matters, but the type of innovation is fundamentally different from the scientific variety. Business models must be developed, adapted to digital information, reliable and guaranteeing rapid delivery of services. It is gratifying that women have learned to adapt to technological intricacies and managerial skills to serve their customers. A notable feature of these businesses is the trust which in a number of cases has been shattered because fraudsters – the majority of whom were men – infiltrated the field. Intelligence and law enforcement destroyed the strongholds of some of these gangs.

Running a home business is no small feat. Women who started delivering certain genuine products to their homes had to confirm that their sources or producers were delivering the right type of goods in demand and that too on time. Containment was in their favor because the transport of goods was faster over time when traffic on roads and highways was light. In addition, producers were looking for such an assured supply of goods during low demand. Thus, the arrangement has served both parties and as a result, consumers have also benefited in terms of quality of goods and services at their doorstep.

With the opening of business, many of these entrepreneurs faced new challenges. One of these factors is certainly the rapid delivery of services due to the increasing traffic on the roads and highways. Economic models will certainly have to be readjusted and improved in order to face emerging challenges. As for women entrepreneurs who have relied solely on innovative ideas like Whitney Herd, no problem like this will bother them. Even those who have found a market for their products overseas will worry less about this transportation problem as they will make deals for the delivery of the products with enough time to do so. Let women entrepreneurs continue their innovative activities both at home and abroad. This will ensure greater empowerment of women.

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