Twitter blocks John R. Lott Jr on factual New Zealand tweet


John R. Lott Jr.’s mass murder in New Zealand banned Tweet

San Francisco, California – ( – Twitter has suspended John R. Lott Jr, a prominent gun rights activist and researcher, for a Tweet about the mass murder in New Zealand that killed a group of Muslims while ‘they were on their way to the mosque.

Lott is the founder and chairman of the Crime Prevention Research Center (CCRP). The CPRC is a registered not-for-profit organization that studies the relationship between gun laws and gun ownership and crime. He is the author of nine books including “More guns, less crime, “The Bias Against Firearms,” and “Freedomnomics. and others. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from UCLA.

When Lott logged into Twitter, the platform greeted him with a message that one of his Twitter posts was in violation of company rules although the social media platform did not list it and the exact reason why the Tweet violated their terms of service. The tech giant has not answered Lott’s call as of this writing.

The Tweet reported by Twitter is from March 15 of this year. It’s not clear whether the tweet was flagged manually or by machine learning. Google was recently criticized for a Project Veritas investigation that showed the tech giant allegedly rigged its algorithmic software to help left-wing presidential candidates. Given that this Tweet is almost four months old, it seems likely that it was manually flagged.

In order to repost, Twitter requires Lott to remove the offending post. Lott told AmmoLand that he was not ready to consider deleting the Tweet. He asks everyone to retweet the screenshots CCRP shared on their Tweeter and Tweeter thread to the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, and Twitter support.

Twitter claims they don’t use political affiliations when enforcing their rules. It flies in the face of their actions, like when Twitter takes down groups like the Proud Boys, but organizations like Rose City Antifa, the group that attacked police and the reporter in Portland, OR last weekend, are always free to use the platform to organize their violence. expression.

When AmmoLand News reached out to Twitter to find out why the company decided to ban the Proud Boys but let Rose City Antifa operate on their site, Global Political Communications Director Ian Plunkett said the Marxist group was “”not currently in violation of our policies.

Twitter didn’t give AmmoLand News the exact reason Lott’s account was locked, but in the statement Twitter gave to AmmoLand, it appears the social media company is accusing Lott of glorifying violence.

The statement given to AmmoLand by Twitter reads as follows:

“We do not comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons, but for substantive reasons it is against our policies to share content that glorifies violence on Twitter, including a direct link to that information. Additionally, we enforce the Twitter Rules impartially to all users, regardless of background or political affiliation. “

AmmoLand’s follow-up questions to Twitter about how Lott’s Tweet glorified violence were not returned. The company also did not explain how its Tweet differed from reporting by NBC, CBS, New York Times and various other news outlets. Lott’s Tweet was factually accurate and easily verifiable.

As of now, Twitter still has Lott’s account lockdown, although readers can see screenshots of the Tweet on the CCRP’s Twitter feed.

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