Travel trade shows like World Travel Market could be key to tourism resurgence

Business-to-business (B2B) tour operators have the potential to strengthen and grow their presence in the industry by participating in travel trade shows and making connections with other tourism businesses.

Trade shows have the potential to benefit travel stakeholders

The World Travel Market (WTM) promotes the growth and expansion of the global travel industry. Presenting six annual business-to-business events on four continents, WTM offers travel industry professionals the opportunity to network, learn and do business. Events like the WTM, which takes place in London in November 2022, could play an important role in the road to tourism recovery, as around 50,000 participants are expected to attend the WTM. Represented at WTM will be a wide range of visitors and exhibitors, covering various sectors of the tourism industry.

Every November, nearly 50,000 top travel industry professionals, government officials and international journalists attend WTM London, resulting in more than £3.71 billion in contracts in the travel sector. Leading tourism companies like Saudia Airlines, Indian Airlines, HotelRunner, Louis Hotels and many more have often been seen exhibiting at the WTM. This shows the opportunities available to B2B operators at WTM, which will make it an important player on the road to tourism recovery. Due to their high attendance, travel trade shows have the potential to significantly benefit B2B tour operators. Attendees have the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge, meet and connect with potential customers, and increase brand awareness. These travel trade shows, such as the WTM, could be key to the resurgence of tourism.

Price-sensitive travelers are always a challenge

Tourism activity has been one of the most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. With overseas travel mostly halted due to travel restrictions, many businesses have been unable to continue, and some have been severely harmed due to staff shortages exacerbated by erratic cash flow caused by travel restrictions. travel. While events like the WTM are a positive sign of tourism recovery, tour operators will still need to be wary of travelers’ price sensitivity. According to GlobalData’s Q2 2022 Consumer Survey, 88% of respondents worldwide are worried about their financial situation*. This reflects significant financial insecurity which will likely mean travelers are increasingly price sensitive.

Still, the tourism sector needs to bounce back for small and medium-sized tour operators to survive, and professional travel events are a great way for them to get back to work and build more B2B relationships. These relationships could secure price reductions by cutting out middlemen and increasing cost-effective marketing to attract more consumers. According to GlobalData, international travel is expected to fully recover by 2025. WTM marks an important time for B2B tour operators to display their products or services to improve passenger flow around the world at this critical time.

WTM addresses major themes of the tourism industry

The WTM has traditionally been one of the most popular travel trade events in the world, typically resulting in billions of dollars in travel industry contracts. According to a Greek Travel Pages (GTP) Headlines interview with WTM London Exhibition Director Juliette Losardo, this year’s themes will include the future of tourism, sustainability, technology and insights.

WTM themes are devoted to the advancement of tourism. Issues such as sustainability are increasingly relevant in travel and tourism. According to GlobalData’s Q2 3033 consumer survey, 94% said they actively research sustainable options before making a purchase*. WTM London aims to unite the global travel industry, businesses, organizations and professionals, to share sustainable practices and ethical methods and drive the responsible tourism agenda. Through the World Responsible Tourism Awards, the WTM also recognizes companies that do the most to develop and implement responsible practices. By addressing a major theme, such as sustainability, the WTM helps raise awareness of issues and spread knowledge about practical solutions to sustainability challenges.

* GlobalData Q2 2022 Consumer Survey – 21,688 respondents

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