The open kitchen shelving trend is here to stay, if celebrities have any say in it.

Ask anyone what they think of the open kitchen shelving trend and you’ll start a heated debate. It’s one of the most controversial looks around and it has been dividing design enthusiasts for years. There are a number of reasons for this – it can (and usually does) look cool, and it’s a great way to open up a small kitchen. But it also has a lot of drawbacks – shelves are almost impossible to put away and anything stored on them gets dirty faster, to name a few. No matter how divisive the trend may be, however, there is a stylish bunch who remain firmly in favor of this one. Yes, celebrities have given the open shelves their approval, and it doesn’t look like they will back down anytime soon.

In fact, there are some that have been launching recently, strongly hinting that the trend may be sustainable after all (despite its strong opponents). Case in point: Drew Barrymore, who recently remodeled his kitchen in light of his Flower Paint launch. The actor and entrepreneur included detail throughout the piece, choosing to implement it through a wall of built-in, vintage pieces. The effect was magnificent and, in our opinion, enough to convince anyone to try the open shelves.

Of course, she’s far from the only star in the trend. From Tamera Mowry to Reese Witherspoon, celebrities with all manner of homes and styles are embracing the look (or touting it for years), making a strong case for even the most skeptical to try it. Coming up, some of TZR’s favorite examples.

Vintage shelves by Drew Barrymore

Barrymore’s newly remodeled kitchen features open shelving in several ways. Not only did she add a beautiful wall of built-in elements, but she also included vintage furniture throughout to provide even more airy storage space.

Stylish White Shelves from Molly Sims

It can be difficult to keep open shelves neat and tidy, but The Sims don’t seem to have a problem. This is undoubtedly thanks to his choice of style: sleek white stacked planks that add a sense of order and simplicity to the look.

Partially open shelves by Tamera Mowry

Mowry chose a no-commitment look with their open shelving, ideal for people who aren’t ready to dive in head first. Rather than going for a fully open configuration, she chose cabinets with glass panels. In between, she has two small shelves that provide space for decorations and any extra small dishes.

Large Rustic Shelves by Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon has taken a rustic approach to their open shelving which creates a dramatic effect in their kitchen. The The revenge of a blonde the white walls of the alum stand out against the dark wood pieces, especially since it chose to add extra long planks against the simple backsplash.

Cameron Diaz’s Small Shelves

If you like the look of real open shelving but don’t think it will work as a real storage option, follow Diaz’s lead. The Avaline founder has incorporated the trend into her kitchen, but in a more modest way: with two shelves flanking her hood. This way you can use them for decoration, but without having to figure out how to make all your dishes look beautiful.

Martha Stewart’s open wardrobes

If Martha Stewart herself gives her blessing to the open shelves, you know they’re here to stay. That said, the lifestyle guru gave the trend a neat update in her kitchen – rather than just stacked shelves, she incorporated cabinetry without doors.

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