The most famous celebrities people have met in Leicester – our readers tell great stories

Many of us have a story to tell about meeting – unexpectedly or meticulously planned – with a celebrity.

Whether it’s a brief but embarrassing meeting at a train station, a post-concert chat and selfie, or a meeting at a film festival or convention, to a moment in your life, you might just stumble upon a famous person.

But what about the streets of Leicester?

How likely is it that you will meet someone famous across the country, if not the world, outside the Highcross Mall or while walking along Narborough Road?

Well, we asked the readers of LeicestershireLive for their Brushes With The Fame stories – and many of you came back with some great stories of when you came face to face with the big guys and the good guys.

For starters, I can share one of my own – meeting Never Mind The Buzzcock comedian and host Phill Jupitus outside The Cookie on High Street, after doing not one, but two shows in the basement.

My friend and I waited hopefully outside to see if he would sign our tickets.

He ended up doing this and more, posing for a few selfies with us and taking the time to discuss his show and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

He was a really nice and friendly man, even though he had just finished two incredibly funny shows and most likely wanted to go back to his hotel.

I’ve been very happy with it ever since.

Some of our readers have told us similar stories, including some who weren’t “star struck” at all – because they just didn’t know who they were talking to.

Engelbert Humperdinck

David Taylor met Leicester’s one and only Engelbert Humperdinck and beat him on golf.

He said: “I played golf with Engelbert, I beat him, he paid me the 10 and had a drink at the bar. Great guy!”

Meanwhile, Sarah Jane Ryan met international R&B and rap superstar Drake and spoke to him without knowing who he was.

She said: “I met Drake and I was talking to him in front of the Mercure hotel on Granby Street. I didn’t even know who he was when we were chatting.

“Then I saw him get into the car parked in front of the hotel and saw his face in the signage on the car.

“My daughter reproached me for not having taken a picture with him.”

Donna Burton had two memorable encounters with figures on opposite ends of the musical spectrum – David Essex and Motorhead.

She said: “I played tennis with David Essex at the Oadby Tennis Club and also partied with Motorhead at the Holiday Inn, Leicester.

“No cell phone at this time, thank goodness! “

Sam Brown ran into comedian Eddie Izzard in the downtown area.

She said: “I met Eddie Izzard outside of Highcross which was a surprise after seeing a few stand-up shows.

“Such a lovely person spoke to us for quite a while.”

Kate Brown met the late Princess Diana outside the Grand Hotel, during a royal visit to Leicester in 1990.

She said: “I was with a group of kids from a daycare I worked in town and she came to talk to us and the kids.”

Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales, Princess Diana visits Princess Diana visits the Hull branch of the “Relate” Marriage Guidance Center.  Yorkshire.  England.  Photo taken on June 24, 1992
princess diana

Kate isn’t the only person to meet Princess Di, with Julie Morris having met both Princess Diana and Prince Charles at different times while she was at work.

She said: “Princess Diana when I worked at Kempton, I also met Prince Charles on another occasion.”

Kerry York had a fleeting encounter with Bake Off host and comedian Noel Fielding, crossing paths with him on a Highcross escalator.

She said: “Noel Fielding got on the Highcross escalator once as I was going down.

“He was wearing a patchwork fur coat that I really wanted to reach out and stroke, but chickened out.

“Oh how I regret my hesitation.”

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