The hottest fashion pieces according to TikTok

Keeping you up to date with all the hottest pieces, according to Tiktok.

Keeping you up to date with all the hottest pieces, according to Tiktok.

TikTok’s grip on Gen Z and Millennial fashion trends is solid at this point. It seems like every day there is a whole new room that almost everyone is dying to enter in their closet. In this rapidly changing online landscape, it can be very difficult to keep up with the coins that are most in demand at any given time. No need to worry, that’s why we’re here to help.

Here are some of the most requested fashion pieces on TikTok right now to add to your wardrobe.

Coach’s Pillow Tabby bag

Coach is going through a major rebranding process and TikTok is eating it! The Coach Pillow Tabby has definitely floated on almost everyone’s For You page over the past year or so. Critics like @DailyFashionFinds have dubbed it the “Bag of the Year”. Run, don’t walk, to retrieve this bag before it’s completely exhausted again!

Get the Pillow Tabby for $ 495 at

Backless Polo Dress by Garage

    Image courtesy of Garage

There is something about chic sportswear that messes up the TikTok fashion. This Garage halterneck polo dress was worn by @NataliaKLM. It’s a more chic alternative to the viral Target dress (now sold out everywhere), with its open back and more vibrant color offerings.

Buy the open back polo dress for $ 35 at

Gucci Women’s Rubber Slide Sandals

    Image courtesy of Gucci

These hot pink Rubber Slide sandals from Gucci are pretty much infamous for their popularity on TikTok this year. It’s giving “Polly Pocket / Barbie core” according to Fashion Toker @xofashioninspo, which is definitely in fashion right now. The bright colors and chunky heel make them a comfortable and stylish shoe that will ask everyone where you bought them from.

Shop the Women’s Rubber Slide Sandals for $ 360 at

Outdoor Voices exercise dress

    Image courtesy of Outdoor Voices

If you’ve been out in New York or Los Angeles recently, you’ll know that practically everyone has an Outdoor Voices Exercise dress, and for good reason. This dress is so versatile and will keep you both ripped off during your workouts and ready for any social gathering. If you are ready to take your Hot Girl Manifestation Walks in style, this dress is for you.

Buy the exercise dress for $ 100 at

Melina pants by Aritzia

    Image courtesy of Aritzia

These vegan leather pants were designed literally all over through the fashion side of TikTok. These started going viral on the app last fall, and they haven’t gone away since. If you’ve always wanted to try out the leather pants look, this is the best place to start.

Buy the Melina pants for $ 148 at

Spice Boots by Naked Wolfe

    Image courtesy of Naked Wolfe

Y2K style trends have made a huge resurgence thanks to TikTok. It seems like everyone wants to leave their home looking like nothing less than a real Bratz doll. Seen on the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, @JazmyneFavela and @ByeAudrey, these boots don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Buy the spice bundles for $ 350 at

House of Sunny Hockney Chocolate Dress

    Image courtesy of House of Sunny

If you want to go viral on TikTok for your ability to style your outfits, then you need the Hockney Dress from House of Sunny. The dress has over 1.7 million views under the tag, and it seems like everyone wants to see how it looks on people. House of Sunny has declined this dress in several colors, but the Chocolate dress is one of the most unique and is sure to endear you online.

Buy the Hockney Chocolate Dress for $ 136 at

BUGGIRL200 My Adopted Dads T-shirt.

    Image courtesy of BUGGIRL200

If there’s one thing about TikTok, it’s that the app is primarily aimed at Gen Zers with a particular sense of humor rooted in Stan culture. These graphic t-shirts from the BUGGIRL200 brand. will signal that you have that humor down. Their eclectic designs, sporty phrases like “A DIRECTION SAVED MY LIFE!” LITERALLY “have been worn everywhere online and are the perfect way to let everyone know that you are both funny and sexy.

Buy the My Adopted Dads shirt for $ 35 at

Hi Heights Jeans in Indigo by Ziggy Denim

    Image courtesy of Ziggy Denim

Gen Z has made it clear that skinny jeans are now chic, making baggy pants the new wardrobe staple. These Hi Heights jeans from Ziggy Denim are the perfect loose pants to add to your wardrobe to keep up with the trend. They have the same classic feel as skinny jeans, with a nice wide leg that will dress up any casual outfit.

Shop the Hi Heights jeans in indigo for $ 103 at

Martha Calvo’s All Smiles necklace

    Image courtesy of Martha Calvo

These Martha Calvo necklaces were worn by TikTok Royalty Victoria Paris and Suede Brooks. They beautifully blend the playfulness of pearls popularized by the Y2K style with the elegant look of a gold chain necklace. He strikes a fine balance between the dynamism of summer camp looks and the chic of minimalism.

Buy the All Smiles Necklace for $ 155 at

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