The first and last line of each main character in the series

Sex and the city may have completed its original run in 2004, but fans clearly can’t say goodbye to the beloved series. After the series finale, there were two films, with a revival underway – and it’s been so long that it can be hard to remember where it all started. The first episodes of Sex and the City saw a very different group of women than what fans are used to now, after all!

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The pilot opens with Carrie talking about dating in New York – something that never changes. But that also includes direct moments in front of the camera, everyone is still very single, and some questionable fashion choices. By the end of the series, everyone was paired, having fallen in love with more than just labels – but how did they all grow up over the course of the original series, and how do their first and last lines reflect that?

9 Stanford blatch

You know, I’m starting to think that the only place you can still find love and romance in New York City is the gay community. – I know. Marcus has reserved seats for us next to Hugh Jackman. I’ll see you in there.

Stanford Blatch is one of Carrie’s only male friends on the show, and sadly is sidelined for the most part, appearing in just 27 episodes (and the movies). He appears in the pilot alongside everyone else, establishing himself as a stereotype of the “gay best friend” (as they call him on the show), explaining how the gay community differs from the “straight community” during the show. breakfast. He doesn’t even appear in the finale, however. Stanford’s latest appearance is at the funeral of socialite Lexie, a few episodes before the end, where he’s busy chatting about her. It’s a sadly disappointing ending for a character who deserved better.

8 Smith jerrod

Hey, welcome to Raw – Can you think of a better reason?

Smith’s frontline is largely unremarkable, as he meets the women while serving them dinner at a trendy new restaurant called Raw. It would be easy to assume from this that it would end up being one of the series’ many short-term adventures, but it ends up being spend the rest with Samantha, and their final conversation is adorable. He comes home early after a shoot to tell Samantha that he loves her, and when she asks him if that’s the only reason he’s come back, he asks her this. It’s sweet, affectionate, and perfect for Smith.

7 Steve brady

Please. (What please?) I’ll have another glass of wine, please. – My mother can’t live like this.

Steve’s first and last lines are both directed at Miranda and show more about her growth than hers. Initially, he’s the bartender who serves her and calls her rude when she asks for a refill of her wine glass.

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Ultimately, however, he finds it hard to realize that his mother’s health is deteriorating and his apartment is a mess as a result. He tells Miranda that he won’t let her live like this, and Miranda says she should move in with them.

That might not say much about Steve, but it does say a lot about how caring and kind Miranda has come to be.

6 Harry goldenblatt

Harry goldenblatt

Sorry to intervene, there’s a bagel here with my name on it! – She’s there.

Harry’s first scene is put together to make him look unappealing. Charlotte is in the process of a divorce and works with Harry’s partner first, but she just finds his attraction too distracting and finds it difficult to be ruthless in front of him. When Harry walks into the room yelling about bagels (and spits a half-eaten bite into a napkin), Charlotte thinks she has found someone she would never be attracted to. She doesn’t know, of course, because Harry’s last sentence shows Charlotte a photo of Lily – the baby they are about to adopt.

5 Mr. the Great

Mr Big Sex and the rebirth of the city

Here is. – Attention New York, I’m A Comin!

Mr. Big’s first line really isn’t much – Carrie spills the contents of her bag on the sidewalk, and he happens to be there, and helps him pick up things … including several condoms that he returns to her. It’s a slightly sexually charged moment, but that doesn’t say much. His last line is also pretty short, as he tells Carrie that he has put his Napa house on the market and can return to New York to be with her. Then again, the short, simple lines are pretty perfect for Big, who is a man of few words.

4 Charlotte york

Charlotte York Gallery

Most men are threatened by successful women. If you want to have these guys you have to shut up and play by the rules. – It’s really our baby!

Charlotte’s opening lines are directly addressed to the camera, as she sets out her take on dating – one that defines the character extremely well. Charlotte is certainly one of the four women who believe in respecting the “rules” of dating and wanting to find a “perfect” man.

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Interestingly, the man she ends up falling for, Harry, is the one she meets during her divorce – breaking all the rules and certainly not keeping her mouth shut (as she hires Harry to have her could be ruthless in front of him, as mentioned). And in the end, her last line matches his own, crying with happiness over their unborn child.

3 Miranda Hobbes

I have a friend who has always dated extremely hot guys and had a great time. One day she woke up and she was 41 years old. – Let’s not make a big deal out of Steve, it would just upset him.

Miranda’s first line is also spoken directly to the camera, and she doesn’t really express her own attitude towards love (which, especially in the first few episodes, is more than the fact is less important than her job!) . Instead, she tells the story of a friend, suggesting that women should settle down before a certain age. It’s not exactly a good look for Miranda, but luckily her latest line is. After Steve’s mother gets lost, Miranda rushes to find her in a panic – and later, speaking to Magda, asks her to keep it a secret, to avoid upsetting Steve. It shows how loving Miranda is and how she shows it – calmly and in action.

2 Samantha jones

Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in Sex and The City Entry 1

Look, you’re a good saleswoman in this town. You have two choices: you can bang your head against the wall and try to find a relationship or you can say SCREW ‘EM, and go out and have sex like a man. – You have meant more to me than anyone I have ever known.

Samantha’s first and last lines are probably the most connected – because at first she tells her friends she doesn’t have time for relationships because she thinks finding one is just too much work. And why bother, when you can just have a lot of sex, instead? But in the end, she tells Smith how much she loves him, how important he is to her – and it looks like she found the relationship she never knew she wanted.

1 Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw at the computer in SATC

Once upon a time there was an English journalist who came to New York … – If you find someone to love the one you love, well, that’s just fabulous!

The pilot episode opens with the Carrie-column voiceover that would become iconic (and which inspires the title of the revival – And just like that). Her first voiceover, however, is surprisingly unremarkable, a story about a friend of hers who met a guy, thought things were going well, and then became a ghost. However, this sets the style of the show perfectly. His last line is also in voiceover, of course. And this one is much softer – for obvious reasons! In her final lines, Carrie shares how she learned that finding love first means finding a way to love yourself – and only then finding a man to “love the one you love.” It is very sweet and the city.

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