The Crown will not know the future of royalty and this is proof

The fifth season of The crown it is in production. With Lady Di, who will be played by Elizabeth Debicki, as the exclusive protagonist, the new edition promises to focus on all the real controversies. Capturing the 1990s and ending in the 2000s, Peter Morgan will bring to the present the harshest memories of the British monarchy, especially Elizabeth II.

Since its release in 2016, The crown He made his goals very clear: to tell the story of the monarch who lived the longest on a European throne. And, beyond the fact that in several seasons he took his creative licenses, it’s pretty close to reality, as Prince Harry himself admitted. But now the production could change completely.

While Morgan has said more than once that he feels more comfortable writing about things that happened 20 years ago, he’s already getting closer to the present day. Therefore, in the case of wanting to continue with this Netflix series, now we will have to make a fiction of it because the Windsors have just sealed their privacy against any leak.

The British royal family has preserved its privacy. Photo: (Getty)

On April 9, news shocked the world: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Elizabeth II, lost his life at 99. After suffering from various heart problems, the father of Charles of Wales and grandfather of Princes William and Harry, has passed away “in the company of his beloved Lilibeth“, According to the English Royal House. However, after the turmoil, speculation began.

And the big question was generated around his will. For the British media, knowing the future of the Duchy of Edinburgh is of vital importance, as well as for the subjects of the Windsors. Likewise, the wealth of those descended from the Greek Royal Household is now to be inherited by members of the British monarchy and it is still unclear whether, for example, the Duke of Sussex was disinherited by his grandfather.

Philip’s departure from Edinburgh shocked the world. Photo: (Getty)

However, recently Judge Sir Andrew McFarlane, Chairman of the Family Law Division of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, ruled that the will must remain sealed for 90 years, i.e. until 2111. “It is necessary to improve the protection of the genuinely private aspects of the life of this small group of people in order to preserve the dignity of the Sovereign and her next of kin.», Explained the lawyer.

He also reported that the Windsors knew what each member had inherited, but were being held behind closed doors to avoid media attention. Thus, with this fixation, the will will be examined by the lawyer of the monarch, the attorney general and the keeper of the royal archives. Now, with this decision, a new question arises: who will be the new Duke of Edinburgh?

The crown shows the exact moment when King George VI, father of Elizabeth II, designed the Duchy of Edinburgh for Philip in 1947. This noble title was created in 1726 by King George I and since then has transcended from generation to generation in generation, but now it could be turned off. While all theories point to the heir being Edward of Wessex, the prince’s youngest son, nothing has yet been confirmed.

Edward of Wessex, Philip of Edinburgh and their daughter-in-law, Sophie of Wessex.  Photo: (Getty)

Edward of Wessex, Philip of Edinburgh and their daughter-in-law, Sophie of Wessex. Photo: (Getty)

However, the fact that Eduardo is the heir to the Duchy’s subsidiary titles as Earl of Merioneth and Baron of Greenwich already puts him at the top of the list. That is, it could open the doors for Peter Morgan or rather Netflix to focus on a new path to continue with The crown or at least, perform a spin-off of the new Duke of Edinburgh.

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