Spin & Give ™ online resale store offers children’s clothing from Celebrity Closets, with 20% off to select charities

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Shop celebrity closets for children’s clothing and accessories – ages newborn to 17 – in a new online shopping experience called Turn and give™, which takes a new approach to resale purchases at prices up to 50% lower than the original retail.

Buyers at ShopSpinAndGive.com can browse lightly used (and sometimes new) children’s clothing donated by A-listers and other entertainment personalities, knowing that 20% of all sales go to the charity chosen by the donor.

Spin & Give was founded by Brittany Henley VanMaster, who realized how celebrities and other media personalities can receive so many clothes and accessories from friends and traders that their children rarely get the chance to wear something more than once, if at all. When Brittany became a mother, she decided to create an opportunity to approach the sustainability of fashion with a service that could benefit both celebrities and consumers, and more importantly, keep clothes out of landfills.

“No matter how ethically something has been made, it is still absolutely essential for all of us to try and extend the life of quality clothing,” said VanMatre. “And for our donors, it is gratifying for them to know that quality clothing, much of it brand name, will be appreciated by someone else while also benefiting the environment.”

Some facts about the environmental impact of the fashion / textile industry:

  • Overall, 80% of textiles discarded are landfilled or incinerated. Clothing that ends up in landfills can stay there for over 200 years.

  • The United States alone sends approximately 21 billion pounds of textile waste to landfills every year. And unfortunately, only 10-15% of donated clothing will end up on the second-hand market.

Online fashion resale purchases have exploded in popularity, because more and more consumers recognize the impact of fashion on our environment. Spin & Give selects the best finds from its donors’ closets, offering items from newborns to teens for all occasions and all seasons.

Spin & Give also offers shoppers the opportunity to be part of the VIP donor community by agreeing to donate their purchased clothing. The ReSpin program then allows for a third or, in some cases, even a fourth life cycle for clothing, while also raising funds for major charities.

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