SNL has fun in Hollywood squares in sketch about problematic celebrities

The “SNL” season finale was the gift that continued to be given.


Saturday Night Live took all the shots with a sketch called Hollywood Squares and poke fun at the old game show that featured some of our favorite celebrities. While the show was famous from the 60s, it became extremely popular in the 90s when Gilbert gottfried often takes center stage. But with the 90s, a lot of customers are problematic in modern times.

So that’s exactly what this sketch makes fun of! With celebrities like Chloe fineman‘s Baby Spice and the Olsen Twins, we get to see a throwback to a different era of pop culture and that includes … well, Alex Moffat playing Matt Lauer.


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the Hollywood Squares skit is hilarious for a lot of reasons, but mainly because the show is reminiscent of how many people we’ve had in those game shows that aren’t … With theSaturday Night Live sketch featuring figures such as Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle and the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, the sketch really is a nice appeal to what we used to let happen as well as those who have seen their true colors shown to the world. .

What’s so funny is the cut of inserts that explain why the series doesn’t work for modern audiences and why some tracks were cut. Like when Kenan thompsonBill Cosby is announced and he instantly appears and cuts his full share. Or when it cuts from the insert to Chris ReddThe nominee’s candidate said he didn’t like the impression of Dunham with his cornbread character which he referred to as “Dunham” making it and not the cornbread character.

For so long, we couldn’t get back to the game shows of our childhood. Hollywood Squares was such an important part of the fabric of pop culture, with references on shows like The nanny(when Maxwell ends up in the series because Andrew Lloyd Webber can’t do). The game show was such an oddly specific part of the pop culture zeitgeist and if we come back to it via rewatch, it sometimes comes up with an unfortunate callback of some celebs that we know too much about by now – like this first episode of Supermarket sweep on Netflix asking about Hollywood Hotties includingMel Gibson.

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