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“101 tips for life” by Aubre Andrus

c. 2020, National Geographic Kids $ 9.99 / $ 12.99 Canada 208 pages

“Almanac 2022” by National Geographic

circa 2021, National Geographic Kids $ 14.99 352 pages

This summer, you made a promise to yourself: you’ll get smarter.

You are going to have a totally fun summer, but you are going to make it count as you learn new things. Perhaps you have your eye on a skill you’ve always wanted to master. Maybe you want to impress someone. or you want to start school for next fall. Whatever your reason, see if these great books will help you achieve your goals ….

If someone always tells you to “use your head” then Aubre Andrus’ “101 Life Hacks” is for you. In this book, you will find over a hundred really great ideas to make your life easier while developing your brain’s creativity.

For your next school year, learn how to keep an up-to-date paper document without a file. Find out how to keep dirty sneakers from getting your gym bag dirty. Brush up on your memory and vocabulary with a song. Learn easy (and awesome) math tips. Be a better citizen of the world with ideas to clean up, save the environment and make the planet a little more beautiful. Then learn to relax with some great relaxation ideas, perfect for ages 8-13.

For this summer, discover how to eat a cupcake without having frosting on your nose. Learn how to pack your bags so you can carry more in your suitcase. No cup holder? No problem, when you have this incredibly useful book!

Once your life is hacked, further improve your brain with “Almanac 2022” from National Geographic Kids.

Let’s say you need to refine your geography. “Almanac 2022” has pages and pages of information on countries around the world, including full color flag images, as well as details that will make you a geography ace. Or take that interest in Earth to another level by reading the section on Earth Sciences, which includes minerals, rocks, volcanoes, and more – then keep going, to read what’s going on outside of Earth. , in the space.

If you love animals, get ready to happily browse “Almanac 2022”, because there are creatures all over this book! First, check out the entire first section here for an animal overdose, then go elsewhere to learn more about frogs, dogs, and pigs. Read about blue-footed boobies, earthworms, and polar bears. Discover creatures that crawl, crawl and walk, including human creatures like you.

Children ages 7 to 14 will find pages of jokes and fun, lots of trivia, facts to learn, stats to use, lessons in map reading, history, technology, gardening, and more. ‘astronomy. They will read articles about dangerous animals, take fun quizzes, learn about the weather, and learn about the US Constitution. It’s the kind of book that is fun to read, very portable, great for vacationing, and it can be happily borrowed by any adult who is nearby.

The folks at National Geographic Kids have plenty of other engaging books for readers in this age group, as well as for the little ones. Ask your bookseller or librarian for more information. Your favorite smarty pants will thank you.

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