Small culinary kitchen: date of release, famous guests, etc.

The new Tastemade “Tiny” series, “Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off,” seems to us what you could get if “Tiny Talk” and “Tiny Kitchen” got married and had a baby, with an appetite for friendly competition between “play “celebrities. Based on the series of twins “Tiny”, which has totaled more than 2 billion views worldwide to date, according to a press release sent to Mashed, “Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off” will be hosted by Monica Padman, producer and actress. who is probably most famous for her work with a powerful designer couple, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell (via IMDb). On each episode, Radman will interview two guest celebrities as they attempt to recreate some of the most iconic “Tiny” recipes. Of course, all of this will take place on a small kitchen set that includes small utensils and small ingredients. After the celebrities show off their tiny creations, it will then be up to Padman to determine who he thinks made the best little impression. The price? A very small trophy.

“‘With Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off, “we’re bringing that same sense of whimsy to our streaming network,” Holzer explained in the press release, while “giving some of our favorite stars a chance to try their hand at recreating these. mini culinary masterpieces. “

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