Sheryl Crow Remembers Growing Up In ‘Chaos’ | Celebrities

Sheryl Crow believes that growing up in “chaos” has helped her in her music career.

The 59-year-old star grew up in a house with six pianos. She thinks the constant noise ultimately turned out to be beneficial.

She told the freelance: “My mother was a piano teacher and was very positive.

“She was giving a group lesson with four children at a time in the music room, then there was a piano in the living room where we practiced. Everything was done all the time.

“I attribute part of my ability to hear my voice in the world to being able to choose myself out of this random chaos.”

Cheryl believes that music and art have the power to help people survive the tough times in life.

She says: “Music and art: it’s the one that overcomes all these really weird moments.

“Something that permeates and resonates in one place with all of us.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl previously confessed that Prince’s death in April 2016 changed her approach to songwriting.

The musicians have recorded and performed together several times during their careers, but have not been able to keep in touch with each other during the last decade of his life.

She said: “I have never met him. There are times when you think, “I wish I could be in touch, I wish I could be a best friend. “

Cheryl spoke about how Prince’s death affected her approach to music and her career.

She says, “When he died they started showing all these old pictures and I started listening to all the old music that I loved and that meant a lot to me.

“It made me do it, while I was in the studio and writing, his death made me feel that everything but love, compassion and compassion seemed worthless.

“And that was when our American campaign was going on, it was very dynamic, and you will see the light shining on this incredible talent. , And it made me want to make music that was important to me. He has regained the urgency. “

Sheryl Crow Remembers Growing Up In ‘Chaos’ | Celebrities

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