REVEALED: Australia’s richest celebrities for 2021 as Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie star in annual rich youth roster

The Australian Financial Review The annual Rich Youth List is out for 2021, with a few familiar faces appearing on the list this year.

Since 2003, the list has ranked the richest Australian autodidacts aged 40 and under, and for the first time ever, Canva co-founders Melanie Perkins and Clive Obrecht topped the list with a fortune of $ 16.5 billion. .

There were also a number of entertainment and public figures on the roster, including model and beauty entrepreneur Miranda Kerr, actor Chris Hemsworth, model Jennifer Hawkins and actress Margot Robbie.

It’s no surprise that they made the top 100 this year, as they were also on the list last year.

Miranda came in at No. 52 on the Global 100 list, with estimated wealth of $ 124 million (up from $ 120 million) in manufacturing and retail.

Chris Hemsworth is gone and Miranda Kerr. Credit: James D. Morgan / David M. Benett/GETTY

Chris followed closely in 56th place, with $ 105 million to his credit, compared to $ 90 million last year in the arts sector.

Jennifer came in at 68th in manufacturing and retailing, and Margot in 72nd in the arts, with $ 72 million (from $ 60 million) and $ 62 million (from $ 55 million), respectively.

This year’s roster is also the first time since 2007 that Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar were not included, both of whom are too old to qualify as AFR Remarks.

The average age of the rich youth list is 35, the youngest members of the list, both 25, are basketball player Ben Simmons worth $ 105 million (# 57) and Ash Barty, worth $ 37 million (up from $ 28 million last year).

Australia’s richest Young Rich sports star is Andrew Bogut, who despite his retirement is worth $ 116 million (No.54), closely followed by Daniel Ricciardo (No.55) worth $ 110. millions of dollars.

The boom in health and wellness spending has also seen blogger Jessica Sepel’s line of vitamins, JSHealth Vitamins, developed with husband Dean Steingold, debuting on the rich young list, with a wealth of 426 million. dollars (# 24 and # 25).

Melanie topped the list.
Melanie topped the list. Credit: David fitzgerald/Sportsfile for Web Summit via Ge

Kayla Itsines, founder of fitness app Sweat, is worth $ 164 million and sits at No. 39, and influencer Tammy Hembrow, originator of fitness app Tammy Fit, estimated at $ 38 million ( n ° 96).

Stephanie Miller, better known as Steph Claire Smith, is worth an estimated fortune of $ 36 million (# 100) thanks to the success of Keep It Cleaner, which she co-founded.

Scroll on to find out who are the 10 richest Australian autodidacts under 40 for 2021, according to the AFR List of rich young people 2021.

TOP 10 (with a collective value of $ 26.98 billion)

1 & 2. Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht, 34 & 35, $ ​​16.5 billion (vs. $ 3.43 billion) – Canva

3. Nicolas Molnar, 31, $ 2.78 billion (vs. $ 2.22 billion) – Afterpay

4. Laurence Escalante, 40, $ 2.68 billion (vs. $ 919 million) – Virtual Gaming Worlds

5. Sam Prince, 38, $ 1.1 billion (vs. $ 381 million) – Mexican Restaurant and Zambrero Healthcare

6. Fung Lam, 40, 1.02 billion dollars (compared to 273 million dollars) – Online retail

7. Kain Warwick, 40, 879 million dollars (beginner) – Synthetix & cryptocurrency

8. Owen Kerr, 37, 728 million dollars (compared to 617 million dollars) – Pepperstone Financial Services

9. Ta’id cyan, 40, 664 million dollars (against 566 million dollars) – Envato & technology

10 & 11. Tah-nee & Simon Barbe, 33 & 37, $ 626 million (beginner) – Culture Kings

The full Young Rich List Financial Review is available here.

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