Record of sorts: cops search for 17 people lost or missing in town

Nagpur: In one file of sorts, various police stations in the city recorded 17 cases involving lost or missing persons. The 17 missing include 13 women, two children and two men. Two women along with their 4-year-old son and 9-month-old daughter are either lost or missing.

The list of missing persons includes Lata Suresh Mehune (30) from Hingna. She has been missing since June 10, 2019. Chandni Janardhan Dhone (19 years old) from Kalamna has not been found since May 28, 2019. Puja alias Santoshi Arun Kshirsagar (25 years old) from Kalamna is missing with her 9 month old daughter Jyoti. Arti Laxman Raut (19) from Amar Nagar, Kalamna left her home on July 4, 2019, without informing anyone and did not return. A 70-year-old man named Shriram Beniram Jagne from Kalamna did not return when he left his home in the wee hours of July 12. Durganagar resident, Kalamna, Kalyani Navin Wakle (23) has been missing since June 3, 2019. Nisha Ramkumar Bais (19) from Swagatnagar, Kalamna, has been searched since July 1, 2019, the day she left her home home. A 28-year-old man named Hafeez Shahid Ali Riyaqat Ali, resident of Aysha Nagar, Kalamna is also missing.

Likewise, the whereabouts of Shabnam Naushad Sheikh (28) have not been known since she left home on July 7 and disappeared with her son Shamit, 4. Mayuri Sunil Ramteke (23) from Bhimnagar, Hingna Road, has been searched since she left her home on July 12. A resident of Shravan Nagar, Nandanvan, Surekha Kartik Patil (30) has been lost or missing since July 9. Malti Naresh Yadav of Vathoda Layout, Nandanvan, has been missing since she left home on July 11. Nayana Amar Butle (24) from Imambada did not return home when she left on June 11. (15) left home without telling relatives on July 8 and did not return. Likewise, the whereabouts of Jaishree Gautam Bagate (24) from Mankapur have not been known since his disappearance on July 10, 2019.

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