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Pictured, front row from left: Tamara Johnson, Alexis Roberts; second row: Liana O’Bry, Stephanie Cook, Bill Music; third row: Steven Brown, Catherine Berry, Lindsay; Bullwinke the parrot watches from his cage. All cats and kittens kept are Precious Paws Rescue pets.

We are in the middle of kitten season and many orphaned felines need help. The Precious Paws Rescue Adoption Center has more than 40 cats and kittens in residence. Community foster mothers and fathers take care of nursing mothers with their kittens. Little orphans without mothers receive their mothers’ care from human adoptive mothers.

Right at the start of kitten season, a Precious Paws Rescue volunteer and Pet Center customer were invited to help three sibling kittens who were rescued by a staff member and cared for at the Pet Center. The three little kittens are now officially welcomed by Precious Paws Rescue while staying at the Pet Center. Once fully vetted and ready for their own family, Chinny and Moe Moe were adopted by staff at the Pet Center and the third by a client.

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Following these adoptions, staff began welcoming several Precious Paws Rescue kittens ready for adoption and they too found loving homes. The “welcome mat” was out when Minny arrived at the door – pregnant and alone. The staff set up a quiet corner at the back of the store and several weeks later she delivered four kittens who are now about 5 weeks old and reside with mum in the store. Next came Cleopatra, an orphan teenage girl. She has joined the Precious Paws Rescue family and will soon be ready for adoption.

The Pet Center is a pet grooming facility located at 433 NE First Terrace in Crystal River.

Before the kittens arrived, Bullwinkle, a 40-year-old parrot, was the official host and resident pet. Bullwinkle considers his cage to be his home. Even during the evacuation of Hurricane Irma, he had to be moved to his cage in the back of a truck. He interacts with customers, clients and chats. He will say “hello” to newcomers and say to dogs being groomed, “you are cute”.

The staff at the Pet Center, all 11 members, are pet lovers and owners. There is a constant stream of human voices as the bathing, clipping and combing is done.

There is an occasional protest from a dog accompanied by a comment from Bullwinkle.

Chinny and MoeMoe are now the official hosts and greet guests on arrival, oversee bathing and grooming, and curl up for a nap as needed.

The support of the Citrus County community is essential for nonprofit charities to fulfill their missions. Precious Paws Rescue is a Citrus County-based all-volunteer charitable organization dedicated to reducing pet overpopulation by saving, adopting and relocating orphaned animals.

Pet Center staff help Precious Paws Rescue by donating all tips collected the first week of each month. Having host families off-site has

has authorized Precious Paws Rescue to rescue and care for the kittens when there is no room available in our adoption center.

If you would like more information, have time and would like to volunteer, or are interested in fostering or adopting, call 352-726-4700 – leave a message and a volunteer will call you back .

Pat O’Brien advertises Precious Paws Rescue. For more information, call 352-726-4700.

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