PacSun, Fashion Scholarship Fund, Selects Gender Neutral Design Competition Winners

Allegra Abrams and Oli Perez were selected as winners of a PacSun and Fashion Scholarship Fund competition which sought out original and non-sexist designs. Photo: PacSun

After more than 200 students submitted designs for an original, gender-neutral collection, PacSun and the Fashion Scholarship Fund named two winners.

The competing students came from FSF alumni and the FSF 2021 scholarship class, and came up with original ideas when designing their capsules. After the field was reduced to eight finalists, contestants presented their collections earlier this month to a panel of industry leaders with Allegra Abrams and Oli Perez selected as the winners.

“It’s amazing to see the next generation of fashion leaders and their concepts for the future of fashion, rejecting gender binaries and promoting individuality and freedom of expression,” said Brieane Olson, president of PacSun. “At PacSun, we are committed to delivering innovative and non-sexist collections, and the two winners align perfectly with our mission. We are delighted and honored to foster their journey and bring their creations to life. “

Abrams is currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is completing a Bachelor of Science in Textile and Fashion Design with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. She is also a post-modern Virgil Abloh FSF 2021 scholar. Perez graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and was a 2018 FSF Fellow.

As winners, Abrams and Perez will have the chance to work with PacSun’s product design and development team to create and sell their collections in PacSun stores and online later this year.

“The FSF received an impressive number of non-sexist design submissions, reflecting the remarkable and diverse talent of our network of scholars,” said Peter Arnold, Executive Director of the Fashion Scholarship Fund. “In the end, Allegra Abrams and Oli Perez were selected to present very original and well executed concepts. We are very grateful to PacSun for joining us in our mission to create a global space that allows the next generation of fashion talent to showcase their creative visions.

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