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Schram, vice president of a major sushi supplier, reportedly said, “When you look at Millennials, it’s something that is their food of choice. Where we would have been a burger and fries. For this generation, it’s sushi.

The idea is similar to what Page calls “the bagellization of America”.

Bagels, like sushi and pizza, came to America from other countries. At first, they were only known to people from the ethnic groups that imported them. Then other Americans discovered them and the foods started to change according to their tastes.

Bagels have gotten bigger, softer, sweeter (part of the reason they’re softer is because the mass production machines needed to feed a nation can’t handle the stiffer dough of a real bagel. ). And they’re now made with so many regional American ingredients and toppings that at one place in Alaska you can get reindeer sausage on a cheddar bacon bagel.

Likewise, sushi restaurants have started using less raw fish to appeal to the American palate. They also put rice on the outside to hide the seaweed that many people find unappetizing, and use ingredients never before found in Japan, like cream cheese.

Pizza, too, has evolved into something uniquely American. The crust here is crispier than in its native Italy, and we use more sauce and a lot more toppings. But also, among high-end pizzerias, there is a tendency to recreate the simpler pizzas of Naples, with a moist crust topped with nothing more than crushed tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and, if you want to dare, basil. fresh.

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