Moresand Launches Subsidiary Travel Center in U.S. Travel Market

Moresand Ltd is expanding its current activities to the US market. They see this expansion as a sign of the growing need for international travel to the United States and hope this new venture will be as successful as the current UK branch.

The company has since specialized in offering a wide range of travel related services such as vacations, hotel reservations, airline ticket reservations and more.

As well as being a leading travel agency that caters to all types of travelers and offers excellent service and value for money, Travel Center US, based in Jersey City, also provides its clients with great value for money. tailor-made travel packages adapted to their budget and their itinerary.

The start of Travel Center US

Under the management of its parent company, Moresand Ltd, Travel Center UK rose to prominence when it entered the UK travel market over ten years ago. Thanks to the remarkable success of the company in the UK, it was decided to expand its business into the US travel market and provide US travelers with the best travel solutions.

What to expect from Travel Center US?

Like Travel Center UK, Travel Center US finds affordable and needs-specific ways to help travelers from the United States reach the rest of the world.

Customers can enlist the help of a team of travel experts to plan their next vacation, enhance their travel experience, and find inspiration within their budget in the world’s largest cities and popular destinations.

With a wide variety of premium vacation offerings tailored to specific budget needs, privileges from international airlines and access to over 65,000 hotels, Travel Center US aims to grow with Travel Center UK, capitalizing on 34 years of experience from its parent company, Moresand Ltd.

Apart from this, Travel Center UK has also generated over 5,500 five-star reviews on Trustpilot for its industry-leading service. The company maintains a brilliant reputation for its meticulous customer service and hassle-free booking experiences; This makes Travel Center US in many ways an industry highlight and a priority for guests when booking vacations.

Important policies

During the pandemic, the travel industry as a whole suffered a setback in 2020, and many companies had to learn to adjust to a new normal, embracing the uncertainty of the situation. Travel Center US has adopted policies that will help its customers thrive in this new era.

For starters, one of the most important policies is their willingness to help their clients buy the vacations that are most wanted, with the implementation of measures such as low deposit bookings and flexible monthly payments.

In addition, customers are also assured that they can seek alternative solutions based on their needs in case the booked vacations are disrupted by the pandemic.

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