Monsoon Diet: Your Perfect Guide to Healthy Eating is Here

Monsoon is to enjoy the good weather with hot and spicy snacks. But deep down we all realize that these snacks are fried, fatty, and unhealthy. What if we told you that it is extremely easy to lead a healthy lifestyle with the right food choices?

It’s about having at least one healthy meal in proportion to the rest of your meals. It’s important to understand that the temptations for junk food, fried foods, and desserts come at a good time, and it’s okay to only have a few days of cheating. Good health is the product of discipline, so having a solid model in your daily meals can save you the mess. One such trick is to squeeze out small amounts of fruits in your daily meals.

Here are some healthy fruit recipes to opt for, as suggested by Grow with Kimaye, INI Farms.

Kick-starters: Always go for healthy breakfast options. When you start your day on a healthier note, your body will feel much fresher and lighter.

Oats and more – Oats are one of the most popular breakfast recipes for their quick and easy to cook nature. But why go for plain oats when you can turn them into a nutritious fruit meal instead? Oats make a wonderful breakfast when combined with any fruit toppings of your choice Sliced ​​bananas, blueberries and dried fruits like dates, cashews and almonds go well with the combination of oats and milk. Not only do these fruits add to the taste, but they make it a full-fledged healthy meal that can support you through long hours of work.

Pancakes – Although banana pancakes are a staple, did you know that you can add additional fruit to the recipe as well? With the general ingredients remaining the same, you can add fresh blueberries either in the batter or directly on the pan. The moistened flavor of blueberries pairs well with the mixture giving it a heavenly flavor!

Why go for plain oats when you can turn them into a nutritious fruit meal instead? (Photo: Preety Tyagi)

Go sweet at noon: Afternoons can be a bit crowded, so a quick smoothie works best to keep you full.

Apple and avocado smoothie – Their soothing elements and nutritional benefits make them a perfect combination on midday monsoon sloths. Ingredients – 1 avocado, 2 medium-sized apples, a banana (optional). Cut the fruit into small pieces before mixing them into a smooth paste with milk, soy milk or even coconut water.

Cherry or raspberry smoothie – A delicious mix of soft-textured frozen cherries or raspberries with yogurt, milk and ice cream. This combination is quick to do without a bit of hassle. Add a drop of honey according to your taste. Ingredients – 300g of cherries or raspberries, 200g of yogurt, 1 cup of chilled milk and 1 spoon of honey (optional). Garnish with arils or chia seeds!

Easy with the evenings: Evening is a perfect snack, so grab a bite of that dessert you’ve been eyeing, or the spicy ones monsoon snacks your mom did it for you. However, there is always a healthier alternative:

Fruit cat – Pick all your favorite sweet fruits, chop them in a bowl and sprinkle evenly with salt and pepper. Fruit cat is that quick option to quench your hunger, however, it is good to have fruit earlier in the evening rather than later.

When you consciously make good, healthy decisions, you can have days of cheating minus the guilt. The key is to have at least one meal that serves you with your daily value of needed nutrients. Sticking to a balanced diet can help monitor your eating habits and keep you from the guilt of overeating and making poor health choices. A healthy lifestyle can be that simple, it depends on how much balance you choose to bring.

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