Meet the Founder of AAVYA Fashion -Mitesh Jain, Visionary Lifestyle Entrepreneur with Traditional Values ​​* Believes Focus is Key to Success

Mitesh Jain

Building a business in this competitive world is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are thousands of people with the same idea, but only those with clear vision, patience, and determination achieve it. One of those visionaries who succeeded from scratch in the entrepreneurship world, Mitesh Jain, has proven that with passion, innovation and hard work, no one can stop you from being successful.

Mitesh Jain was born in Surat to a humble Jain family. He always dreamed of starting his own business and establishing a benchmark in the world of entrepreneurship. He founded AAVYA FASHION in 2017, which is one of the leading Indian companies specializing in sarees and traditional Indian clothing. They supply over 200 varieties of sarees in the Indian market, each uniquely designed with the tastes of modern Indian women in mind today. Surat based Aavya Fashion supplies all over India and now has a vision to export to other countries and expand globally.

Today, Mitesh has created a whole tribe of his lifestyle and expensive cars on social media. Loving the luxury lifestyle, he has his own brilliant style statement. He has a fetish for premium cars and his dream is to buy Lamborghini.

Mr. Jain has a great passion for travel and is keen to travel all over the world to experience luxury fashion, culture, food, people and lifestyle around the world.

The dynamic entrepreneur is currently working on business development and social media strategies to develop Aavya Fashion as many buyers are showing interest on the internet.

Mr. Mitesh says, “I believe in working 100% and living life to the fullest without any regrets. And if you’ve worked hard enough, the results are always fruitful. “

What makes Aavya fashion sarees unique and different is that they are a mix of both modern and ethnic. Their attractive collection of creatively designed sarees which are creatively designed using innovative technologies beautifully showcase Indian values ​​and also reflect beauty, elegance, simplicity and glamor at the same time.

(MJ) Mitesh Jain’s fashion Aavya made remarkable contributions in Surat and Maharashtra; and the addition of feathers to the cap is that Aavya fashion is listed under India’s Most Valuable Fashion House, which focuses on promoting Indian saree fashion and culture to the next generation.

Mr. Mitesh envisions Aavya Saree as part of every woman’s wardrobe. The business enthusiast says, “Every Indian woman has to wear our design at least once to feel the dynamic quality of the fabric, the values ​​and the essence of the new Indian sarees.”

With hard work and many sleepless nights, Mitesh has enabled his business to achieve multi-crore annual sales in just three years and continues to generate jobs for hundreds of people, helping to drive growth. of the Indian economy.

Mr. Jain advises budding entrepreneurs: “Make money and grow your business, but don’t degrade our Mother Earth nature, we also need to take care of the environment.”

The young emerging Indian entrepreneur is definitely a source of inspiration for those who wish to stand out in the world of entrepreneurship.

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