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The holidaymaker said he ‘needed’ someone to put them up in a spare room, cook breakfast and dinner and drive them around London for seven days. Posting on Reddit, they said they would pay the owner £50 for the services, but were reminded by locals that London is a “ridiculously expensive” city.

The message reads: “I posted a few days ago asking for someone to put me up for the week. I am leaving tomorrow for London and need someone to offer me a spare room in his house as soon as possible.

“Home cooked breakfast and dinner included and you MUST have a car and be able to drive me around town. I can pay £50 for the week. Please message me with details.”

But, as My London reports, the tourist was lambasted for the brazen demands.

One Londoner joked: “Hey, I’d be happy to help. I have a spacious flat in Zone 1 with lovely views and a sunny balcony. I’m also happy to drive you around – there are two cars to choose from. different sports. Unfortunately, I’m not a great cook, but I have a premium Deliveroo subscription.

“£50 an hour seems fair (I think there is a typo in your ad) so it will be £8,400 for the week. Half is payable in advance (non-refundable) and the other half on arrival.

“With current fuel prices, I’m going to have to charge extra for petrol. It depends on how far you want to go, but you should assume £1.87 a liter and around ten miles per imperial gallon.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “Add two more zeros and I’ll think about it.” A third said: “For £50 I can get you a budget tent, point you to a secluded spot under a bridge in an industrial estate to pitch it, give you a week’s worth of Tesco meal deals to keep you from dying completely hungry and point you to the Boris bikes so you can get around.”

A third fumed: ‘They want a bed, in someone’s house, in the center of a ridiculously expensive town with catering and a personal driver? FOR FIFTY QUID PER WEEK. This shit should cost £500 a day.”

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