Late marriages, PCOS, stress, lifestyle changes, main contributors: experts

Srinagar, October 27: Late marriages, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), stress and lifestyle change are some of the main reasons for the increase in infertility rate among people of Kashmir, say fertility experts from Kashmir. The valley.

Dr Syed Sajjad Hussain, a valley specialist in in vitro fertilization (IVF) who runs a “Middle Age Clinic” said infertility in both men and women in Kashmir is on the increase. There are dozens of women who opt for assisted reproduction.

The infertility specialist said that infertility is found in 45% of men and 35% of women in Kashmir.

According to him, more than 10 patients related to infertility disorders visit his clinic daily. On top of that, more than dozens of patients have opted for IVF at his clinic.

“In men, after thirty years, there is a reduction in the number of sperm, while in women, their number of eggs begins to decrease once they reach the same age,” he said. .

Hussain said that azoospermia and asthenospermia are the main causes of male infertility, while pelvic inflammatory disease, polyps in the uterus, endometriosis or fibroids, scar tissue or adhesions, Chronic medical diseases, ectopic (tubal) pregnancy are some of the reasons for female infertility.

Another specialist, Dr Bilquis Jameel also echoed the same views.

She said that there are different reasons for male and female infertility in Kashmir.

“PCOS is one of the most common illnesses affecting mainly young women, including teenage girls in Kashmir,” said Dr Bilquis.

The doctor said that 70 percent of the patients who visit his clinic are cases of infertility. “Out of 70 percent, 50 percent of cases are treated successfully. Most patients have less anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) and this test gives us information about the potential for fertility, ”she said.

Additionally, experts believe that PCOS, stress, obesity, and other hormonal changes in women contribute to infertility.

Dr Gulshan Snober, Senior Consultant, Gynecologist, J&K Health Services told Rising Kashmir that they receive 50% of infertility cases in both men and women.

“Young girls eat too much processed food and junk food, which causes them to develop many health complications. Most of the patients have a quantity of eggs, but the quality is poor, ”she said.

Dr Snober said there is a stigma attached to infertility in the valley. “Previously, couples were reluctant to go to clinics, but now they are opening up and are even ready to go for IVF,” she said.

She said male infertility is also common in the valley and stress is one of the main reasons.

One of the patients, Aabida Saleem (name changed), who visits the Med-Age clinic said that during the first year of her marriage, everything was fine. But when she failed to conceive after three years of marriage, her in-laws raised questions.

“I was also worried,” Saleem said, “I took enough medicine but nothing happened.”

Finally, recently in 2020, a doctor suggested a follicular study at the clinic. “I did other tests and everything went well.

“I had a baby through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – a process in which the formation of gametes takes place outside the female body.”

Another patient, Shabeena Akhtar (name changed) from Srinagar, has difficulty conceiving. She married in 2017 and had visited more than five clinics in the valley, but so far she is still struggling to conceive.

“During the first few years, my husband’s sperm count was lower, which made it impossible for us to conceive. But after undergoing various tests, her eggs did not rupture, which hampers the process of delivering a baby, ”Akhtar said.

After visiting many hospitals and clinics in the valley, she decided to go out for treatment. “I recently visited hospitals outside the valley. But the doctors found no problem and did not suggest that I do IVF. I hope God will help me and I too will have the chance to have a child, ”she said.

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