Jill Biden loves fashion, but don’t bother telling her about it

Jill Biden doesn’t want to talk about fashion. It’s one of the few sticky moments in her recent Vogue profile: the writer Jonathan Van Meter inquires about his style, and is immediately arrested.

More specifically, the First Lady “displays a winning smile that says very clearly:” Let’s move on. ” “His communications director” looks uncomfortable, “but allows Vogue a small ball. Biden doesn’t work with a stylist. “That’s all her,” she said.

Biden seems uncomfortable when asked about the Instagram profile that documents each outfit, @drjillbidenfashion. She rolls her eyes. She didn’t know. The austerity of the pandemic era and the desire to focus on bigger issues is forcing him to play it cool.

“It’s pretty surprising, I think, how many comments are being made about what I’m wearing or whether I’m putting my hair in a scrunchie,” Biden says. But she will give a quote: “I like to choose from a diverse group of designers. When I planned my inauguration outfits, this is one of the things I took into account.

The First Ladies are plunged into an impossible enigma: their job is to humanize their husbands, and each struggles against the idea that they are mere ornaments. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to minimize fashion. But despite her protestations to the contrary, Jill Biden takes clothing very seriously. Especially in recent weeks.

There is the Vogue cover, for which Biden is decked out in Oscar de la Renta floral. It has a high collar and tea length, with puffed sleeves. The look exudes a sort of understated, monetary quality. He doesn’t shout “dear”, but there is a whisper.

Biden, true to his word, possesses defended young American designers like Gabriela Hearst and Jonathan Cohen. Still, she’s no slouch when it comes to pulling hard-hitting names too.

In recent weeks, she has worn Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana twice. His decision to put the still controversial line, whose founders are still reeling from the fallout from a racist controversy in 2018, has ruffled some feathers on social media. But on a larger scale, it has mostly gone unnoticed. (Melania Trump was also a fan of D&G.)


First Lady Jill Biden visits a pop-up vaccine site in Dolce & Gabbana on June 22.

Jason kempin

The 23-year-old British student behind @drjillbidenfashion, who requested that her name not be used, told the Daily Beast that FLOTUS “often makes my job very easy”. Biden is repeating several of his outfits, another attempt to distract from fashion.

When trying to identify an outfit, @drjillbiden fashion will check the social media accounts of Biden’s “usual designers” like de la Renta, Brandon Maxwell or Veronica Beard. If the outfit is tailor-made, she’ll wait for the brand to confirm it on their Instagram pages.

@drjillbidenfashion said they noticed that the First Lady recycles some outfits “about 5 to 10 times” since the inauguration. “I think that’s a great message to send about sustainability in fashion and it’s also a good lens during a tough time when a lot of people are struggling,” she said. “The fact that [Biden] repeatedly wears his designer pieces balances the price.


First Lady Jill Biden and former Dallas Cowboy and Football Hall of Fame member Emmitt Smith visit a vaccination site in Dallas, Texas on June 29, 2021. She is wearing Brandon Maxwell.

Carolyn Kaster

Biden knows what she likes and buys it wholesale. The designer of her Instagram fashion page noted that the first lady had two versions of the same Narciso Rodriguez dress, one in black and one in orange. She wore the darker version to visit the families of the victims of the Surfside condominium collapse this week.

“I can understand that repeating so much can be a bit boring from a strict fashion standpoint, but I think it’s a very smart choice,” @drjillbidenfashion said. “I think it also depends on Jill Biden as a person. I don’t imagine she wears a whole new outfit every day when she teaches, and I think that’s a philosophy she brought to the White House.

Laird Borrelli-Persson, digital archive editor Vogue, thinks Biden’s style is “personal and relevant.” But she understands why the First Lady gets on the defensive when asked about it.

“The role of women in society has changed more than people’s perceptions of fashion,” said Borrelli-Persson. “It may be 2021, but fashion is always associated with feminine, frivolous things; aligned with the surface rather than the substance. It is a fake binary; of course, it is possible to be smart and talented and care about clothes, but there is a double standard. However, there is no doubt how important it is for the American fashion industry to be supported.

Samantha Barry, Editor-in-Chief of Charm, said that “Dr. Biden is the queen of bright monochrome outfits; there are countless examples of her stylish in every color you can imagine, especially around the grand opening.

She’s right: Biden wore a matching seafoam green coat and robe to the oath. That night, she wore all white in Gabriela Hearst, with embroidery of the flowers of each state and territory on the rim.

But Biden has recently embraced the prints, including a bold butterfly graphic on a Brandon Maxwell dress she donned to visit a Texas vaccination clinic. His two Dolce & Gabbana selections featured whimsical patterns; the one she wore to another event promoting the snap featured a zebra and lemon design.


US President Joe Biden chooses a dandelion for First Lady Jill Biden as they travel to Marine One on April 29. She wears an Oscar de la Renta.

Sarah silbiger

Biden therefore becomes a little more cheerful with her fashion. It makes sense that she uses her clothes to herald better days as America tries to emerge from a crippling pandemic. Along the way, she cuts herself off the kind of style she wants to remember – clothes that are memorable, but not yet.

She has worn a specific dress from La Renta several times with a citrus print. This is one of @drjillbidenfashion’s favorite looks. “I love that she’s wearing it with yellow pumps,” the administrator said. “It’s the perfect outfit for spring and summer. You never get bored thanks to the print and the giant accessories.

Perhaps this is where the so-called “relatability” of Biden’s style lies. She is a woman who cherishes clothes and seems to have fun dressing up, although she would rather not talk about it. And does she really need it, anyway? The clothes seem to speak for themselves.

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