IKEA’s best suggestions for a more sustainable lifestyle

Among the many national days to celebrate throughout the year, there is one that is good for the planet. World Environment Day is June 5th and it’s a great reminder for all of us to look at some of our habits and see what we can change to make an impact.

In honor of World Environment Day, IKEA released its Sustainability report for 2021 which reveals that 93% of Australians try to take climate action in at least one aspect of their lives.

With climate change being an urgent issue for businesses and individuals, IKEA revealed some tips we can use to enjoy more sustainable lives.

Sorting of waste

Recycling is a part of everyday life for most people, but there is still so much misunderstanding about it.

Start by learning about what can and cannot be recycled in your bin, usually through your town hall website. Then install a home system that is efficient and also looks great!

IKEA suggests setting up your own personalized waste sorting system using different sized bins and containers for plastics, metals, paper recyclables and food scraps (which can then be used as compost) .

Home energy savings

Everyone has household energy bills to pay, but there are simple and easy ways to reduce both costs and impact on the environment.

The use of induction hobs, energy efficient appliances and “cold start” mixers is one way to achieve this. There are also other products available like LED bulbs and rechargeable batteries. Additionally, using rugs and curtains to provide insulation can save on heating usage.

Food storage

Something as simple as efficiently organizing your fridge or pantry with see-through storage containers can easily help you cut down on food waste. Knowing how much you have left will limit the need to purchase additional products that will likely expire before you can use them.

Reusable labels on containers can also help by naming what is in the container and indicating its expiration date. Another good idea is to invest in a carousel that allows you to organize and access all the items in your pantry.

Water saving

Water is life and given how many times Australia has experienced droughts, we don’t want to waste it.

To conserve nature’s resources, try switching to water-saving faucets around your home. IKEA water saving faucets reduce consumption by up to 40% and you can install them in your kitchen and bathroom.

Sink accessories like dish bowls save on water consumption and facilitate the sustainable reuse of collected water, such as on your plants.

Recycled furniture

Buying recycled or used furniture is a great way to reduce landfill. IKEA offers buy back your own used furniture and will then resell it at a discounted rate to extend the life of the product.

Many other retailers are also starting to invest in these types of services.

Choose sustainable products

Choosing a sustainable product sounds good in theory, but what should you really watch out for when buying?

IKEA suggests looking for products made from sustainable materials. This includes things like bamboo and jute fiber – for starters.

Are you always looking for more ways to be sustainable? Check out these simple sustainability trades you can do around your home.

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