Holidaymakers spend 20% of their travel budget before leaving home, survey finds

Holidaymakers spend around a fifth of their travel budget before they even leave the UK, a survey has found. The average traveler splashes out on pre-trip prep, from pedicures to insect repellent, splashing out on £145 before they’ve even left home.

Buy-it-now and pay-later specialist Zip UK reveals pre-trip spending doesn’t stop there – with more than two-fifths (43%) saying they could refresh their wardrobe after Covid before packing their bags and heading to the beach. But although more than a third (34%) of British travelers say they are ready to spend more money on their next trip after being locked down during the pandemic, many still have budget problems before their trip.

Some had to go to extreme lengths due to poor budgeting, with 18% having to change their vacation due to cash issues, while one in 20 admit to canceling a trip due to cash flow issues. Ruth Spratt, Senior Director of Zip UK, said: “As the country prepares to go on holiday again, our research has shown that UK travelers often struggle to manage their holiday finances.

“More than one in 10 don’t know how to budget for their vacation, and almost a third fund their vacation with a single paycheck, rather than spreading the cost over several months. We encourage vacationers to consider Buy Pay Later services like Zip as a money management tool to help earn money longer before a trip.”

Here are Zip UK’s top tips for managing holiday money:

Don’t spend beyond your means. Think carefully about any purchase – do you need five pairs of sunglasses or can you get by with one or two?

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Budget carefully. Spread the cost of payments over six weeks with Zip and two paydays to avoid taking the hit all at once.

Don’t pay off credit with credit. Zip does not allow customers to pay off their debts with credit cards, but some providers do. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.

Plan ahead. Do your shopping well in advance of your trip, it will serve your wallet well in the long (and short) term.

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