Healthy Lifestyle and Routine May Help Beat Pandemic Blues, Expert Says

At a time when the pandemic is raging, the best way to stay healthy, mentally and emotionally, is to look at the positive things life has brought.

Time spent with family and the opportunity to catch up with what people have put aside could be therapeutic, according to SP Kurinjinathan, chief of psychiatry at MIOT Hospital.

In a Wellness series webinar on emotional well-being in the time of COVID-19, he said people should have a structured daily routine and maintain it for their emotional well-being.

Women, who have double the workload, must assert themselves. “Be kind to yourself. Make time for yourself without having to think about others, ”he said. They should delegate the work, including to the children, and that “will make you enjoy your life,” he said.

It’s best to limit the use of gadgets by children and instead use gadgets as a reward for a job well done, he suggested. Gadgets are addictive because they help quell the constant demand for stimulation of the mind. Children should be encouraged to read books and play board games instead.

To some extent, anxiety keeps people safe. “Maintain your emotional health by staying confident and sleeping well. Good sleep for 7-8 hours and physical activity for 20 minutes will help release natural endorphins to make you happier and more energetic, ”he said.

Dr Kurinjinathan said nearly 20% of people who contracted COVID-19 had psychiatric problems. The pandemic has caused even men to seek help, which they usually don’t, he added.

He put an end to doubts about vaccination, saying it protects people from the disease. All people had to do was tell the vaccination officer about their conditions so that they could receive appropriate counseling.

When it comes to professional caregivers, the best way to de-stress is to share their experiences with others in the same profession.

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