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New York (AP) – It’s almost time for all famous Kardashian families to visit Hulu and new ventures.

But before they do, we retrace here the tears, the tantrums and the sense of oneness that has animated people. “Follow the Kardashian Celebrity Lives” From clan to superstar:

In the drama of Five Sisters and One Brother, and Chris and Caitlin, we’ve had many men, women, or two over the years, and countless loves have come together. And the action started from the start. The first episode mentions a sex tape with brothers Brandy Ray J, who started the series, and their mega careers.

Prior to that, Kim’s first husband and music producer Damon Thomas was married, followed by second husband and basketball player Kris Humphries for 72 days, and his third altar trip with Kanye West. Continued. The three unions are terminated Divorced.

Kim’s divorce from Humphreys lasted much longer than her marriage, threatening to keep Kim legally detained by Humphreys upon the birth of her first child with West. It didn’t happen. Northwest was born two months after the mother’s second divorce was confirmed in 2013.

Courtney’s reunion and reunion relationship, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians in Episode 1, Scott Disick, who first appeared in Celebrity Life. The two didn’t get married in the drug and alcohol scandal, but they are co-parents and he is the originator of the show. Disic, it’s because the K family accepts him as their own. He has become a fan favorite.

Chloe Cada married basketball player Lamar Odom in 2009 and filed for divorce in 2013. I fell into a coma from a drug overdose A few days. He was found lying on the floor of a brothel in Nevada. Confirmed end of 2016..

Chloe never married the father of her child, another basketball player, Tristan Thompson. He had an affair during his pregnancy and again with his sister Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. But Chloe and Tristan are a little friendlier now, True, three. Are co-cultivated and isolated together during the pandemic.

Don’t forget the relationship between Kylie and rapper Travis Scott. They have never been married, but they have children with them. And then there was the romance between Kylie and Taiga. Taiga had a child with Black China. Taiga had a child with Kardashian’s brother, Rob.

Chyna and Rob were as upset as they wanted and posted revenge porn on Instagram which resulted in their being kicked off the platform.

Follow the Kardashian Family Celebrity Life Follow the Kardashian Family Celebrity Life Follow the Kardashian Family Celebrity Life Follow the Kardashian Family Celebrity Life She is Kris’ parent of Kylie and Kendall. Chris filed for divorce before Caitlin became Caitlin.

Caitlin revealed herself to be publicly transgender in an interview with Diane Sawyer in April 2015.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has so many children that they choose creative names.

Caitlyn has six children with three consecutive wives, including Kylie, Kendall and Kris. Chris had four children, Courtney, Kim, Chloe and Rob, before divorcing her first husband, the late OJ Simpson lawyer, Robert Kardashian.

Kim had three children after North: Saint, Chicago and Psalms. The eldest daughter, Courtney, has three people, Mason, Penelope and Rain, as well as Scott. There’s also Chloe’s True, Kylie’s Stormy, and Rob’s Dream.

Some of the Kardashian celebrities have given birth to their viewers, and we’ve been watching Chris take their kids out into the world for years in a family movie. I treated. 12-year-old Kendal attended his birth. Recently, in the last season, 11-year-old Mason saw his mother drag him into the world.

They are in Los Angeles. They are in Miami. They are in New York. No, wait, Hamptons.

Part of the catching up was chasing all the fallout. Do you have a registration number? It depends on the definition of spin-offs, franchises and guns.

But it’s certainly a lot in the real-life TV genre, with some sisters “filming” different cities. A total of 11 spin-offs aired on television, many of which were short lived. .. Like the series, it’s Ryan Seacrest Productions and E! Communication network.

The first one was “Courtney & Chloe Take Miami” in 2009. After Chloe returned to real life to do another job, she switched to “Courtney & Kim Take Miami”. There were a lot of bikinis and big boats as the women tried to expand the reach of the Dash store in a new location.

True fans, especially Scott Watchers, will remember the 2013 web series “Lord Disick: Lifestyles of a Lord,” which airs weekly in all of the Miami Season 3 events. Scott bought the royal title on his trip to London in 2012, showing off high-end decorations like a fleet of luxury cars, while giving us tips on living like aristocrats. ..

In 2011, “Chloe & Lamar” started looking for a marriage. And after the wedding took a turn for the worse, there were three seasons of “Revenge Body with Chloe Kardashian” fitness party. Chloe also gave a short-lived “Cocktail with Chloe” talk show.

Chris gave a brief talk show of the same name in 2013, starring Kanye West and posting North’s first photo. Fox Network did not offer him a second season.

After Caitlin was released, she had her show “I Am Kate”. I seriously thought about her transition and when a new friend told her about the issues facing the transgender community, she seriously questioned if she was ready to be a model. It was canceled after two seasons due to its low rating.

Theft, nudity and other moments

Perhaps the most horrific of all developments was Kim’s 2016. Armed robbery in a luxury apartment in Paris during Fashion WeekSeason 13 of the series covered the incident and its emotional aftermath. She speaks candidly about the horror of being hit by a gun, being detained and stealing jewelry. Kim thought he was going to die.

In their much happier times: Flashy birthday parties and gorgeous weddings Not to mention the wedding itself, the baby showers.

Two of Kim’s weddings aired and became news. A month after Chloe and Odom met, the 2009 wedding premiered in Season 4. After Chloe and Lamar married, they bought a dream home while Kim was still in the apartment. I say it like that ‘. The apartment is Kim’s middle name.

Kim wasn’t always used to this idea, but the sisters also like to pose for nude photos.

Immediately after turning the sex tape into gold, young Kim celebrated the Playboy magazine moment and appeared on the cover of the December 2007 celebrity issue. After the first photoshoot, Playboy’s Hugh Hefner is back.

In the show’s first season, Chris asked Hef, “Should I get undressed?

“Oh, that’s right,” he replies.

They made a compromise: Kim posed nude and strategically wore long strands of pearls.

Kylie also graced the cover of Playboy in 2019. In 2019, she wore a cowboy hat and jeans over her shirtless Travis.

And there is Kendal. The model, like the whole world of other celebrities, stole her naked part and survived several scandals, but her love life was slow compared to her siblings. I am.

She was Pepsi 2017 unlucky ad, When she handed a can of soda to a frontline police officer during a protest. This image has been accused of being stolen from the Black Lives Matter movement. It was pulled and Kendal sobbed an apology during the broadcast.

Kylie and Kendall were charged with exploitation the same year Overlay their faces on images of Tupac, Notorious BIG and many other musical icons T-shirt line $ 125. They pulled the goods.

Fans don’t have to worry. The series is over, but this famous family is not going anywhere.

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