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Being locked up has taken its toll on everyone, and with social gatherings being a huge no-no, how can a young single person expect to find love (in a hopeless place)? Wide-eyed and brimming with optimism, Vinny, in his twenties, tries his luck with an online dating app in the hopes of finding “that one despite the odds apparently against him.”

What is the gameplay of Five Dates like?

In Five Dates, you control Vinny’s choices regarding everything from setting up your online profile to selecting the woman you want to date. You can only choose three of the five matches you get (because going on more dates means paying for the “Premium” app prices). Once you have a date with each of these three girls, you choose two to go on a second date with. Depending on how the first meeting goes, they can accept or decline your request for a second meeting. Eventually, if the second date goes well, you can ask the woman of your choice to date a third and hopefully you can exit the app and start dating for real (even if it doesn’t. is that virtually because of the pandemic).

You get some hilarious little nuggets of back and forth between Vinny and his best friend Callum between dates, which amplifies the fun factor of the whole experience. The choices you make with Callum don’t really impact the outcome of the game, but it’s always a refreshing change of pace for when you need to let off steam.

What is the story?

Obviously, the narrative for this moving video game (FMV) will depend entirely on the choices you make on each date. You can either succeed with your first choice or fail miserably, but what impressed me the most about Five Dates is that the acting is so good it makes you believe that the choice you you do is the real story. Of course, replaying it using different choices will have a different turn of events, but that’s entirely up to you. You can go through the game choosing the choices you would really make IRL, or you can just find the “correct” answer by getting a feel for the woman’s mood.

The script flows naturally with every conversation, so much so that I felt like they were real people having real virtual dates. The scenes are believable mainly because the actors put on such stellar performances when it comes to delivering their lines and playing their characters.

Five Dates, an interactive rom-com, is now available on iOS

Of course, every once in a while there’s always an occasional unrealistic reaction, and a forced line or two here and there. I backed off at cringe-worthy times, but got dizzy when sparks flew all over the place. Good Gate Media and Wales Interactive have really done a terrific job of giving you a feel for the dangerous waters of the online dating world, as a seemingly harmless side comment could make or break a potential budding relationship.

What’s the call?

To be honest, I found myself fully enjoying the game at times when I didn’t have to make any decisions. I loved watching the music videos themselves – it almost felt like I was watching a romantic comedy, and had to bite my lip a few times to not smile like a fool. The constant picking of your own adventure questions continued to spoil the magic for me.
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Personally, however, I feel like my second part was the most “precise” because the woman I chose, Shaina, really connected with me with natural chemistry. On my first game I ended up with Maya, and while she was pretty cool too, I just felt like things were easier and less forced with Shaina when I played the second time around.


This all goes to prove how difficult online dating can be, as I didn’t choose Shaina on my first try. If this was real life, I might have missed this opportunity to meet “the good one” – and the fact that it happened in-game just means that Five Dates is a realistic simulation. Sure, being married for a while now may mean I’m a bit out of touch with the online dating scene these days, but I still think the game is pretty accurate (although I’m confident to say it) .

I’m in my third part right now, mainly because I just want to see what else would happen if I took other choices. It’s a little weird that Vinny is basically a chameleon that you can customize to suit a specific girl – for example, he can be a meat eater or a vegetarian depending on whether or not you want to pick the right answer just for you. could get the girl, so to speak. In that sense, it sometimes seems unrealistic, but for my own personal parts, I mostly tried to be my real me and see how things would end.

Overall, Five Dates paints a vivid picture of love during the lockdown. It’s a nice change of pace if you’re looking for something light, and the replayability is just crazy. There’s a stats table you can check out on the main menu where you’ll see how many scenes you’ve unlocked and how many achievements you can score in each race. If you are a finalist, you will undoubtedly spend countless hours on this game trying to unlock all of these scenes. And really, with such an entertaining acting game, watching all of those music videos certainly won’t be a chore.

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