Fashion show for a cause in Marin City

Models at the show / Photos by Godfrey Lee

Felecia Gaston and Performing Stars presented their first fashion show “The Show – Fashion for A Cause” on the afternoon of Saturday June 5, 2021 at Rocky Graham Park in Marin City.

Over 100 people attended the show, which featured 31 models who are students of various schools of different ages and who have participated in the Performing Stars programs. The students also participated in the preparation of garden art projects using recyclable materials and nature projects from the Victory Garden program of the Performing Stars.

The casual outfits were modeled and followed by performances. Kwabeno Graham, Jr. and Chloe Ashby performed Spoken Word; Maia and Gia Barrioz and Kiara Meza performed a Hispanic dance and Teresa Hoff and ChauntiAna Thomas each sang a song.

After modeling the evening dress, Osiezhe aka “Chosen Life” recited and danced a rap, Lauren Mims shared Spoken Word and ChuantiAna Thomas sang a song.

The program ended with a ribbon dance for the youth.

The preschool and elementary school girls models were Gia Barrioz, Maria Barrioz, Arianna Soans, Kashmiere Gomez, Evelyn Cauich, Taylor Avila, Jane Mazariegos, Katie Calderon, Lupita Tecun, Armanda Soler, Mitzi Calderon, Keyari Bynum, Monya Dorhan and Taniya Leggett.

Middle-aged and high-school girl models were Bella Christina Luckey, Brianna Zuniga, Brenda Lara, Tayana Bland, Jada Allen, Antanasia Cook, Emily Cauich, Briana Nieva, Kiara Meza, Xuley Nieva and Beyonce Nieva.

The preschool, elementary, and middle-aged boys models were Sioea Leota, Armaru Navia, Semaj Bynum, Kemari Bynum, Aj Conkey, and Kahyree Mitchell.

Many people contributed to the realization of this fashion show.

Federico Cortez was the fashion show’s event manager and artistic director of the Victory Garden Art Project. He had the vision of the fashion show for several years and designed many clothes that were modeled. He has been the Director of Operations of Performing Stars since 2017 and manages numerous activities of the Performing Stars.

Cindy Rae Mewhorter, a high fashion model working in Europe for 10 years, came to work with young people with Performing Stars in Marin City especially for this show. She is currently an actress, model and has taught modeling at the Barbizon Modeling & Talent Agency.

Sherine Agbulos, the administrative assistant since 2019, and Marilyn Bryant, the program coordinator since 2019, also contributed greatly to the parade. The show was sponsored by Marin Charitable, the Milagro Foundation and Marin County.

Community partners are YEMA, Barbizon, MCCSD, SMCSD, Conscious Kitchen, Marin County Free Library, Girl Scouts, Marin Housing, Sweet Tey’s Pastries.

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