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PHILADELPHIA – Einstein Healthcare Network has launched the Jewish Health Resource Center (JHRC) dedicated to providing compassionate healthcare and resources that honor the traditions of the Jewish community. JHRC operates in various medical and academic fields, including prevention of Jewish genetic diseases, staff training, community outreach, health care seminars, and more. The initiative provides a platform for Einstein’s staff to understand Jewish customs and traditions so they can partner with patients, community members and local organizations to better treat and serve the Jewish population. .

“Einstein’s mission is to provide healthcare and education to as many people as possible,” says David Jaspan, DO, president of obstetrics and gynecology for Einstein Healthcare Network. JHRC aligns with Einstein’s mission and enables our organization to meet the cultural, spiritual and religious needs of the Jewish community. The Einstein Healthcare Network began as the Jewish Hospital in 1866, so this initiative is a wonderful way to affirm our heritage and carry on the traditions of the Jewish community.

The following programs are part of the JHRC initiative:

Jewish Genetic Disease Prevention Program (formerly Einstein Victor Center) – Advocates and provides resources to prevent life-threatening genetic diseases through pre-conception genetic testing, education and counseling for individuals and couples of all Jewish ancestry .

Pikuach Nefesh (to save a life) and Kovod (respect). This is the community education effort that includes health symposia and educational videos.

Dor L’Dor (Generation to Generation) – Provides staff training to enable Einstein staff to understand Jewish customs and traditions so they can associate with patients, community members and organizations communities to better treat and serve our Jewish population.

Nutritional Support – Provides the opportunity to better understand how our nutrition directly impacts our health and how we can eat well with dietary preferences and customs in mind.

“At Einstein, we are committed to providing the latest, evidence-based medical care in a culturally sensitive manner,” says Chani Yondorf, MD, obstetrician / gynecologist and head of women’s health at JHRC. “It is refreshing to be surrounded by colleagues who are eager to understand our customs and traditions so that they can meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of each patient as a whole. “

The healthcare providers participating in the JHRC represent obstetrics / gynecology, gastroenterology, cardiology, psychiatry, family medicine, orthopedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, urology, nutrition, and Moreover.

For more information on the Jewish Health Resource Center, visit http://www.einstein.edu/jhrc

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