Dior receives the green light for a fashion shoot at the Acropolis

Fashion shoot acropolis
A historic fashion shoot at the Acropolis. Credit: public domain

The Central Archaeological Council of Greece gave the green light to Christian Dior, renowned French fashion design house, to progress with a photoshoot on the Acropolis and other archaic Greek landmarks scheduled for June 17.

The council’s decision was unanimous. The only hiccups that entered the discussion, ahead of the vote, were concerns about the filming on the Acropolis, the Belle-Porte and inside the Temple of Hephaestus in the ancient Agora. The council chose to allow photos and aerial photographs in both locations. Council members said the images would serve as an advertisement for Greece abroad.

Design House requires approval from another committee

The design house requires approval from another council, which is due to meet on Thursday. Dior requested permission to photograph and film at the Panathenaic Stadium from the Central Council of Modern Monuments.

The stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in the city center. It is the only stadium in the world built entirely in marble.

A committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday. They will decide whether the Kallimarmaro will also be included as one of the sites to photograph Dior’s new collection, “Cruise 2022”, scheduled for June.

The new collection of the French designer is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution. The council voted unanimously on Wednesday granting the necessary licenses for photography and filming at archaeological sites.

Dior summer collection inspired by Greece

The summer collection, inspired by Greece and dedicated to its history and culture, features traditional motifs and unique and domestic textile art. Dior’s international campaign, to promote the new collection, will photograph and film across the world, to capture unique images of Greek history and culture.

As part of the event, the first of its kind since the pandemic ended fashion shows, Dior will also pay tribute to its first runway show in Greece, with models showing fashions from the top of the Acropolis, which took place 70 years ago for Paris Match magazine.

The Paris-based fashion giant announced that all relevant social distancing and hygiene measures will be in place for the in-person event, although the exact location of the show is yet to be determined.

Greek artists and artisans will also be present at the event, much like what Dior has done on site at sites such as Lecce, Italy and Marrakech, Morocco.

Photographer Christian Dior Jean-Pierre Pedrazzini had the honor of taking photos for the revolutionary photoshoot atop the Acropolis with the elegant dresses from the Fall 1951 collection. The dresses marked the first projection of the Dior line called “Long”.

Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of the fashion house for women’s haute couture, ready-to-wear and accessory collections, said in the announcement: “Greece is a country that still holds me dear. to heart. As a native of Rome, it is for me an essential and very inspiring cradle of culture, literature and creation in all its forms.

“From mythology to“ The Odyssey ”, from architecture and philosophy to priceless craftsmanship, Athens represents for me a dream destination to stage a show and celebrate, more than ever, the magic and the transmission of cultures.

“It is a great honor to be able to realize this dream on June 17, in the heart of a capital of such prodigious beauty and through a wide range of artistic exchanges, from dance to drawing, and know-how. ancestral ones that fascinate me so much, that I will have the joy and the privilege of presenting in my collection, ”added Chiuri.

the Chamber wanted to choose a destination hard hit by the pandemic, as it did last year. In the ad, Dior said it means “promoting the creativity of local artists and artisans,” who have suffered from the health crisis.

The media speculate that it would indeed be possible to hold such a fashion show at the Acropolis now that some of the lanes surrounding it have been paved with cement.

In 2017, the Greek cultural authorities refused an offer from the Italian fashion house Gucci to organize a shoot similar to that of the Paris Match parade on the Acropolis.

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