Dating Apps Work to Ban Participants in Capitol Breach

The repercussions for those who participated in the Capitol breach on January 6 were far-reaching. Some have found themselves unable to fly due to their actions, while others face criminal charges. Now another consequence has occurred; while it does not include fines or potential jail time, it could harm the day-to-day lives of those involved in the offense, especially their visiting habits.

Write to The Washington Post, Drew Harwell, Lisa Bonos and Craig Timberg have more details. The article notes that Bumble reviewed photos taken during the Capitol breach. In addition, the authors write: “[a]Accounts can be banned to promote racism, encourage violence, or spread lies about Trump’s electoral defeat.

If your reaction to this sounds like “but why would someone post a photo of themselves participating in intrusion, among other things ”- well, that’s a sensible reaction. Unfortunately, several participants in the breach did just that, and it prompted some users of various dating sites to conduct their own investigations.

The article notes that “[u]singing dating apps to prosecute mafia members has become a viral quest. In some cases, dating app users noticed an increased number of conservative men in Washington, DC in the days leading up to the Capitol breach. Other users searched for participants in the violation, obtained photos of them on Capitol Hill, and then sent this information to the FBI. That’s one more wrinkle in the often odd world of online dating.

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