Dan Levy Says He Will Find Love In England On Jessie Ware’s “Table Manners” Podcast

If there is anything Schitt Creek fans should know, that’s it star Dan Levy has lived in much more exciting places than the dismal little town featured on the show. During a March 10 appearance on Jessie Ware’s “Table Manners” podcast, the actor revealed that he had lived in London for about seven months in the early 2000s while overcoming a “difficult” relationship. However, now that he’s back on the other side of the pond, one thing seems more obvious than ever: His future soul mate comes from England.

“This is where I’m going to find love, I just know it in my heart,” Levy said after explaining he had a lot more likely to date him in the UK than he does in the US “I had the best time, and I go out in England a lot for some reason and I don’t go out a lot in America, and not sure why, but I know I have to go back because this is where I have the most successful dates.

As well as discovering that the love of his life is Probably The English actor spoke candidly about the relationship that inspired him to move to another country – no, a continent – in the first place. “Part of the reason I went to London was because this relationship I was in really opened my eyes to the fact that I was not very nice to myself like we all can. sometimes be, ”Levy explained. “When we let someone take control of our heart, we can somehow minimize ourselves at someone else’s expense. I was finding out that I had sort of been left in a shell.

“I lived on Charlotte Street. It was the early days of the internet so I don’t even know how I found this place. It was a very small apartment on the top floor above a restaurant, ”continued Levy. “It was like a situation of eating, praying, loving, I knew I had to make this choice to be a better person and hopefully find some kind of peace and some kind of self-confidence that would set me up for a better relationship or better job, because I could barely talk to people.

Ultimately, the job did not enough proceed as planned. However, Levy’s experience with arts agency ICM showed him what he didn’t want in terms of a career. “I knew almost instantly that I wasn’t cut out for agency life,” the 39-year-old revealed. “He’s a very specific type of person who can thrive in this environment and you have to be incredibly determined.”

Knowing what we know about Levy and his beloved onscreen character David Rose, it’s hard to imagine not thrive in a given environment. But anxiety has been a lifelong struggle for the actor, who told Bustle in December 2020 that he regularly avoids social situations. “In the last six years… I really haven’t been out much,” he said, adding that he thought his anxiety was “from a deep-rooted fear of knowing that I was gay and of not being able to be free. ”

Despite his social anxiety, Levy has long expressed his desire to find a partner. In 2015, for example, he said Outside magazine that while Schitt Creek was his priority, he would love to date someone after the end of the series. “I hope I can find someone when this is all over or when things get a little smoother,” he said. “When the time is right and all the stars are aligned, someone else will come, and hopefully we will call them someday in the love life department.”

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