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The contagious mountain bike club presented its annual wreaths at its Royalty of the Canyon event on August 21-22.

The event was a friendly mountain biking competition that started at the Schwatka Lake day use area and took cyclists along the trails to Gray Mountain.

Runners could choose between two distance options – the 25-kilometer race or the “tougher” 50-kilometer race.

After leaving the start, cyclists proceeded to Chadburn Yellow, then took Hidden Loop to Lower Roller Coaster, then Upper Roller Coaster to Magnusson parking lot.

Participants in the Royalty of the Canyon had the option of leaving at 10 a.m. on August 21 or 11 a.m. on August 22. Only three riders left the start on the 21st, a daring feat given the torrential rains.

Once in the Gray Mountain area, participants hiked over 20 trails in the network before returning to the finish line of the Schwatka Lake Day Use Area.

Sierra van der Meer won the Queen’s Crown by completing the 50km in three hours and 16 minutes. Van der Meer retained the crown with an outstanding repeat performance.

The king’s crown also remained firmly placed on the head of its former owner. Ian Parker held the crown with a time of two hours and 41 minutes.

Parker had to withstand fierce competition, but said he had made a “complete effort” to retain his royal status.

The title of Prince went to Ryan Christian, a first-time competitor who saw the event tracks for the first time during the event.

There were two Princesses in 2021. Denise McCann and Andrea Morgan. The couple reclaimed the princess title they once held in 2018.

Honorable mentions went to Cole Germain, 16; Mathilde Roldan, 15 years old; and James McCann, 14; who all completed the 50 km loop and were close to winning times.

Nicolas Giangrande, Ried Sandiford and Herron and Sitka Land Murphy, all under the age of 14, have crushed the 25km loop and are also climbing the standings with their eyes riveted on the royal crowns.

Next year, the hope is to host the Royalty of the Canyon event, but to take it up a notch with children’s events, barbecues and music.

The next contagious mountain bike club event won’t take place until December 18, when the club will hold its annual 5+ Hours of Light Fatbike festival in Wolf Creek.

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