Celebrities, high ticket prices reveal the Suns are here

From high-profile fans to high-priced tickets, the Phoenix Suns are enjoying the rewards of playing in the national spotlight.

Celebrities ranging from professional athletes to TikTok stars take court seats. Some tickets for Game 2 of Wednesday night’s Western Conference semi-finals against the Denver Nuggets fetched over $ 2,000. Meanwhile, the national media chronicle each movement.

“I covered most of the glory days of the (Steve) Nash era very closely, so I was never going to forget what the NBA playoffs look like in Phoenix,” said Marc Stein, reporter for the NBA. NBA at the New York Times. “But it’s been over a decade since we’ve seen the Suns on this stage and the exuberance from the fans is pouring across the screen for those of us watching from afar.”

The Suns’ national popularity has been on the rise all season. They had 21 national televised games on their schedule, compared to one in 2019-2020. They come off an impressive first-round victory over defending champion Los Angeles Lakers, allowing the nation to see what many in Phoenix already knew.

They are a legitimate title contender.


Suns fans excited to return to games, cheer for competitive squad

Celebrity support is often a strong barometer of success. It’s not just the attention of model Kendall Jenner, who has a high-profile relationship with Suns goalie Devin Booker, but also other stars, including swimmer Michael Phelps and chef Guy Fieri. Professional athletes frequently attend games, including JJ Watt, Kyler Murray, Diana Taurasi, Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

Even attendance is skyrocketing. The Suns finished in the top 10 in the NBA for the first time since 2007. And as their popularity increases, so do the prices of tickets.

On Tuesday, the lowest ticket price for Game 2 on Lively seats was $ 129, and the most expensive was over $ 2,000. The Suns are the hottest ticket in a city hungry to see an NBA title for a team that has never won one.

“That Phoenix crowd right there, it’s special to watch,” ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith said on “First Take” on Tuesday. “It’s special to see. They have a real, real advantage at home ”,

They have a strong core of young players, especially Booker. He is shaping up to be the next NBA superstar and hasn’t disappointed by performing on the national stage. The 24-year-old already has an impressive resume, which includes winning the 2018 3-point contest, securing two All-Star appearances and posting a 70-point game. He also has the Suns best-selling jersey in the NBA team store.

“He believes he’s one of the best players in the league,” said coach Monty Williams. “He doesn’t believe there is a better person for his job, and I’m sure he thinks he’s one of the better players. … This is where you can show it in the playoffs and this is the moment he wanted.

Booker doesn’t enjoy the same national recognition as other NBA greats, even after showing flashes of brilliance during the bubble last season, where he almost single-handedly led the Suns to the playoffs as an eighth seed. series.

“I think Booker’s reputation actually rose to another level in the bubble even before this season started,” said Stein. “He almost led the Suns to the playoffs from an impossible position at Walt Disney World, and big things were expected after the Chris Paul trade. Maybe not a No.2 seed and a first round victory over the Lakers, but I don’t think anyone has forgotten Devin Booker coming in this season.

Eleven years have passed since the Suns last played in the playoffs, so it’s no surprise the city is so excited.

The others too. The Suns are behind the Utah Jazz as the world’s most wanted Western Conference team for the past 30 days. On a scale of 0 to 100, the Bahamas, home of center Deandre Ayton, scored 100, followed by the United States at 56 and Puerto Rico at 38. The Suns are emerging as a known team in the world. whole world.

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