Travel costs money, and sometimes our wallets just aren’t equipped to handle it. Maybe you fancy a filet mignon trip, but only have a hot dog budget? Does that mean you should give up on the idea of ​​a getaway? No, because there are secrets to stretching that tight budgetRead More →

LONDON – The World Health Organization regularly spends around $ 200 million a year on travel – far more than it distributes to tackle some of the biggest public health problems, including AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria, according to internal documents obtained by the Associated Press. As the cash-strapped United NationsRead More →

Unexpected costs can completely wreak havoc on your travel budget. Don’t waste your savings until the end of your trip – instead follow these tips and you’ll have even more spending money than you planned on the road. Shopping at the airportThese days you have to arrive for flights hoursRead More →