Away Episode 7, Season 1 Recap: “ Goodnight, Mars ”

A way

Good night, march

Season 1

Episode 7

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Emma looks worse than any of them and she doesn’t act on her own. She lashes out at everyone (especially Ram) and her emails to Lex have gotten more and more weird. Like, sign them weird “Commander Green”. Ram has to do psychological assessments on each of them, and when he swarms her a bit, she seems to attribute her anxiety more to her worrying about Lex (who doesn’t respond quickly enough and is dating a boy. whose own family tragedy could continually remind Lex of what could happen to his mother) and you know, the whole ‘we can all die of dehydration’ thing. When Matt sends Misha a message about it – the two engineers have become very cute secret correspondents on this water system problem – at first Misha tells him not to worry, they are all tired. Then, during breakfast, Emma attacks him. The tirade ends with a “take a fucking spacewalk for whatever I want” which doesn’t sound very hurtful written like that, but for those astronauts, believe me, it’s Chopped off. Lu suggests an explanation: While Lu has come to accept that she is simply unable to be the mother of her young son for the next three years, Emma has not. She clings to it with a grip of death. Misha puts Matt on alert.

Matt is a busy guy right now. In addition to generally worrying about Emma’s health, he keeps emergency plans on the go so that my wife can die in a meeting. It’s not the official name for NASA, but you get the idea. And it does it without NASA knowing the extent of it, because it receives information directly and passes it on to Misha.

Apart from anxiety at work, Matt catches Lex lying about Isaac and his bikes, and once again forbids him to ride. This is all getting a little too much for Matt to handle on his own, and because he 100% refuses to speak to our NASA shrink Putney, he seeks solace and advice from Melissa. Melissa thinks Matt is selling himself short as a father – she knows all about guys who can’t stand being dads, she was married to one. They keep talking about the fact that Melissa hasn’t dated anyone since Cassie’s dad because she refuses to let another guy abandon her daughter and Matt reminds her that there are some good guys out there. And then Melissa looks at Matt like Ram looked at Emma and wow, wow, wow guys, there are roadblocks to Emma and Matt getting married from all directions. Despite all of this, Melissa looks great (and maybe won’t act on her feelings?) And Matt really needs a friend.

He especially needs it because he’s about to get a call telling him that Lex is in the hospital. On the motocross track, Lex is all about following his father’s rules until she gets the last weird message from Emma which makes very little sense, but says Isaac is a distraction. The teenage girls will rebel against their mothers even though they are 20 million miles away, so Lex gets on the bike, goes really hard and crashes.

On the way to the hospital, instead of Melissa or Matt texting Emma with the news, Matt text Ram, asking him to tell Emma because he knows Emma trusts him and Matt. too. (Where’s Misha and her winking face emojis when you need them?) Ram gets this message in front of the rest of the crew and once again they’re divided: Lu thinks the last thing Emma needs is terrible news of which there are no details yet. Misha thinks she needs to know ASAP. Emma appears in the middle of this discussion as if she’s been waiting downstairs from the start and Misha really has no choice but to spill the beans. As you might expect, she panics. “I never should have come” is definitely a phrase you never want to hear from your commander six months into the start of a three-year trip to Mars.

While I suspect that Lu’s initial theory that Emma is unable to let go of her family like she needs to survive was pretty close to the truth, Lu also has a revelation as to the physical reason for it all: The plant that magically stayed alive while everything else died around it did not do so by spontaneously adapting to its surroundings, nor was it a miracle as Kwesi – Emma suggests. used some of his rations to water him. Look, we all know I’m Team Plants and I appreciate Emma’s dedication, but it’s dangerous. Ram tells Emma the same when he goes to give her a drop of saline and attempt to reverse her severe dehydration. I mean, the woman is crying without tears, that’s how hungry she is for water.

By the time Ram goes to take care of Emma, ​​she has already learned that Lex is fine, just a little concussion and his wrist is in a sling, and the Commander and his number two find themselves in some kind of knockdown. role. Remember not so long ago that Ram was sick and said things to Emma that maybe he shouldn’t have and things got awkward as hell? Now Emma is speaking. When Ram tells her it was stupid to give up some of her already small ration of water for the factory – one ration can do a lot of damage – she explains that she was tired of things turning out. evil and that proving that life can grow on Mars was one of their main goals. It was their future. But, as Ram points out, the plant was also their past and she was unable to let go of it, just as she was unable to let go of her life on Earth. It’s a harsh way to put it, but it’s not wrong: they have some very serious work to do, and to keep them all alive all five have to focus on doing it. Emma’s response is to tell Ram that she “doesn’t have what it takes” and that she “wants[s] come home ”which, again, is something you never want to hear from the person leading you into the unknown. Ram looks devastated (probably for several reasons, you know).

Then, as instructed by Matt, Ram dons Debussy and ends up choosing “Reverie,” one of Emma’s favorites. And THEN Emma holds Ram’s hand and thanks him. This is all very confusing and stressful, emotionally speaking !!

Emma owes a lot of people an apology, but her first stop on the tour is Lex. She tries to explain that what her distorted email meant was that at one point she thought flying and Mars were the only things that mattered, but then she realized there was so much more, something. something much bigger than she could ever have imagined. Of course, through her flashbacks in this episode, we know that Emma is talking about being Lex’s mother. (Not being cold-hearted, but being one of the first people on Mars beats everything else, yes, I said that.)

We learn that Emma and her Young Bangs got pregnant just three months after dating Matt and were adamant that she didn’t want to give up stealing to be a mother, then the day came when she did. had to make a choice and she chose Lex. And you know what? Everything works because she has her family and Mars. Well, everything is working for the moment. She could still die in a thousand ways. Sorry, just to keep it real here.

• So I guess that’s the origin of Emma and Matt’s “I love you, shit”.

• In the flashbacks from Emma’s training in early March (I’m here for all the training flashbacks, more please!), We can not only see how much Matt loved Emma from the start. – he was about to have a family with her before she was – but we also see Emma and Melissa’s friendship. Melissa was already eight months pregnant at the time and wasn’t about to be Emma’s uplifting tale to help her make up her mind. I really like Melissa, and also her ex-husband – whom we meet as a horny future daddy – is an asshole.

• Misha is an emoji lover! Who would have guessed?

• I cherish the friendship that develops between Kwesi and Lu. He was so afraid of her! Now they just perk up the prospect of experimenting and don’t care that they can’t see the most obvious conclusion. Best friends!

• Oh, alright Travis, take yours! We learn that Matt’s rehab friend Travis not only got back on his horse, it was thanks to OT Veronica who he said was cute… and now they’re dating.

• “Hey, has it ever baffled you that we were thinking about the hundreds of ways the water system could fail and your wife could die of thirst?” Because that would annoy me. Freddie is a great addition to the team.

• “Hello, space buddies!”

• Okay, but no, seriously, drink your water.

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