[App Fridays] Hybrid social commerce app gives a stylish touch to lifestyle and grooming for urban men

With the increase in digitization and the widespread use of social media, the way we shop is also changing. This led to the rise of social commerce.

According to a report by Bain & Company and Sequoia India, the country’s social commerce market, India, is about to hit $ 20 billion by 2025, through conversational commerce on chat platforms, video sales, and a vibrant social reseller community.

Tapping into this market is a newly launched application called hybrid, an abbreviated consumer-centric platform available on iOS and Android.

It’s a content-driven discovery platform that brings a selection of fashion, skincare and lifestyle to urban audiences, while helping them discover and connect with their favorite brands.

An original idea from Kapil Batus, former Creative and Fashion Director at Rolling Stone India and Man’s World Magazine, hybrid aims to create a believable product that makes it easy to find fashion and grooming, especially for men, on an organized platform.

At the launch on May 27, the company shared that over the years, many brands have created platforms that meet the needs of women, while the landscape of the men’s segment is very underserved. This is what Hybrid aims to solve.

This week, we decided to browse this new app and give you our first impressions.

Let’s get started!

After downloading the app, you need to register with your full name and mobile phone number. When creating a profile, you need to provide information like your age group, city, preferences in categories like culture, grooming, lifestyle, sustainability, and urban luxury.

You will then see a full screen image of the products and services on the home page.

These photographs are accompanied by categories and tags such as ‘urban culture’, ‘house brand’, ‘luxury’, and more. By tapping, the screen slides up, showing the product / brand description and a login button that takes you to the brand’s shopping website or Instagram page.

hybrid has a portfolio of niche and local brands as well as established brands like Adidas, Kiehl’s, Dolce & Gabana, Minimalist, Nike, Murad, etc.

To go deeper, just swipe right and browse products like face serum, shoes, clothing, personal care, grooming kits, wellness tips, trends fashion, hair trends, etc. The app offers a mix of full screen photos and short videos like Instagram Reels to engage users.

New Age Magazine

The home page is divided into three sections – To explore, Custom, and Bookmark.

The bookmarks section displays the products you have tagged while browsing, while the personalized section has content like Instagram stories, motivational posts from famous entrepreneurs like Kunal Shah, content on health and good. -been famous yoga trainers, grooming tips, sustainable lifestyle content, etc. .

The personalized section aims to be a new age Fashion and lifestyle magazine focused on urban men, which can serve as a guide, as well as a source of inspiration and information.

Organized navigation

Users receive personalized feeds organized according to their browsing habits. This personalization is performed on artificial intelligence, in the same way that OTT platforms like Netflix suggest what you can watch next based on your history.

While optional, the app can also use the information you share when you set up a profile to personalize the offering.

The verdict

Overall, we really love the app for its elegance and redefined focus on men’s grooming and lifestyle. The only challenge we faced was that we couldn’t find the app when searching the Google Play Store.

So we went to hybrid’s Instagram page and used the app link mentioned in the bio. The app is also available on the Apple App Store.

The user interface (UI) of the app is refreshing and extremely stylish, due to its minimalism and the high-quality look and feel of the media built into the app.

hybrid takes into account the content consumption of Millennials and Gen Z users, and engages with urban consumers interested in lifestyle products in a new way.

Overall, the app is easy to use and offers a new way to consume lifestyle content for young urban men. We absolutely recommend that you browse the app and see which products and brands you are interested in.

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