Antiretroviral therapy and lifestyle management in HIV

Frank J. Palella, MD: The goals of the therapies we use are part of the overall improvement in overall health in terms of quality and quantity of life, therefore both lifespan and lifespan. For the treatment of HIV, antiretrovirals do this by suppressing the ability of the virus to grow further – to suppress viral replication, essentially to bring people with HIV to a point where their viral load in the peripheral blood is undetectable using of our most sensitive tests. In doing so, it improves immune health, stabilizes already healthy immune systems, helps replenish weakened ones, and helps prevent diseases that we know are associated with HIV’s effect on the immune system and effect on overall inflammation levels. and unfavorable immune activation.

That being said, the therapies we use should not create any adverse effects, either short or long term, that contribute to the risk of conditions that people living with HIV, like all of us, are more likely to experience in. aging: what we call the non-infectious comorbidities associated with age such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, neurocognitive problems, kidney or liver problems, weight gain and bone integrity. The list goes on. Treatments are part of a comprehensive approach to optimize healthy results. The approach, in addition to antiretroviral therapy, should include lifestyle considerations; avoidance of tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption, recreational drugs which could be very harmful. [This also includes] exercise, eat healthy, get enough rest and avoid stress. All of these things are components, and the therapies we use to treat HIV should not contribute to the ability to achieve these goals, nor should they themselves pose risks of adverse effects.

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