An Overview of Project-Based Learning at Chippewa JR / SR High School

DOYLESTOWN – Students in Jud Hartman’s eighth-grade science class at Chippewa JR / SR High School study the Earth’s interior, plate tectonics, dynamic changes in the Earth’s surface, and geological cross-sections – everything throughout project-based learning.

“PBL is a best practice for creating independent thinkers and learners where students solve real-world problems by designing their own inquiries, planning their learning, organizing their research, and implementing a multitude of learning strategies. “Hartman said in a submission to The Daily Record. .

Currently, students are working on relative and absolute dating, the law of superposition, horizontality and transverse relationships.

Integrating project-based learning into lessons involves formative assessments. Hartman draws on observations, presentations, comments, questions, and student choices, giving students the flexibility to choose how to demonstrate what they have learned. They often shoot videos, post on social media, or do creative projects, like writing a song or creating a children’s story.

Using project-based learning in the classroom, Hartman said his students also improved in areas such as communication, critical thinking and creativity. He is convinced that it will help them in their future careers.

“Mastering key subjects, such as reading, writing, math and science is not enough to be successful at work and in life in the 21st century,” he said. “Students who leave high school today with the skills to succeed in the post-secondary education and training programs needed to access the growing number of relatively well-paying jobs have a bright future.

To learn more about Hartman’s lessons and fun resources, visit his YouTube page: MrHartmanScience.

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