Abhijita Gupta received a royalty of Rs 3 lakh after the release of her latest book

She is only eight years old and has already written three books.

Class 4 student Abhijita Gupta did what many adults dream of “someday” doing. The girl, who became a published author at the age of 7, released her third book Start with the little things October 9.

His first two books, Happiness all around and We will surely support, were published in November of last year and February of this year, respectively. All three books – published by Invincible Publishers – are collections of short stories and poems.

With over 9,700 copies of her first two books already cumulatively sold across all platforms, she and her mother are thrilled to know how her third book will be received by the masses.

Abhijita won the title of “World’s Youngest Author” by the International Book of Records as well as the title of “Grandmaster of Writing” conferred by Asia Book of Records. According to India’s Book of Records, she is the youngest female author to write poetry and prose.

Abhijita won the title of “World’s Youngest Author” by the International Book of Records as well as the title of “Grandmaster of Writing” conferred by Asia Book of Records.

I started to write at five

Speaking to HerStory about her new book, Ghaziabad-based Abhijita, who started writing at the age of five, said, “The book contains moral stories that revolve around questions such as why we should value our privileges. among other topics. If we follow these little key points, then we can end up being successful and becoming a good human being, who contributes to the well-being of others.

The young girl, who completed the book in four months, says her surroundings motivate her to write.

“What I see, what I hear and what I feel is what I write about. Since we were in the second lockdown and there was so much sadness in the world, I thought I could motivate people by writing this book and rid them of the negativity, ”she says.

Abhijata’s favorite story in her latest book is “Teachers Guide the Light,” which emphasizes the importance of a teacher’s presence in a child’s life.

Logic and narration

While you might think that an eight-year-old might be a bit young to talk about morals and life lessons, Abhijita begs to disagree.

“I think I’m wise enough and old enough to write about moral lessons,” she said, adding that to her morality means the things it takes to climb the ladder of success and be a good person.

Abhijita’s mother, Anupriya Gupta, remembers her daughter’s reading skills being impeccable since she was just under four years old.

“At an age when other children are learning phonetics, Abhijita already knew how to read well. We started giving her books to read when she was four and when she was five she was finishing book after book, ”Anupriya recalls, adding that the child only made two spelling mistakes in the first story. she wrote.

Speaking of Abhijita’s understanding of issues beyond her age, Anupriya says it sometimes surprises her and her husband.

“You wonder how she thinks about all these things and weaves stories around them. But Abhijita has always been a child of logic which tells it like it is. We think there is an element of mystery around the way she says such logical and wise things, ”she adds.

Obviously, the child is wise beyond her years – and a conversation with her shows that.

About her idea of ​​success, she says: “I want to be a successful doctor when I grow up so I can serve the nation and humanity just like my grandfather who is also a doctor and doesn’t charge people a dime financially. disadvantaged. ”

But, she wants to “continue to write as a hobby”.

Abhijita with her grandparents for her 5th birthday

Containment logs

The nationwide lockdown announced last year has confined adults and children alike to their homes. Many used the time to cook, craft and create – Abhijita decided to publish a book.

However, this would not have been possible if his parents had not trusted his writings.

Anupriya shares the struggle for publisher buy-in.

“It was quite a daunting task to get an editor to consider even a seven-year-old’s manuscript. They refused without even looking at the manuscript, which was my main concern. Many editors thought it was going to be unnecessary. Some publishers agreed to watch him and three eventually agreed to publish his first book. Once we got a few approvals, we chose to go with Invincible Publishers, who signed a three-pound deal with Abhijita.

“We didn’t know his potential when his first book was published, but it worked well. The second book also performed well and she recently received an advance royalty of Rs 3 lakh for 10,000 copies of her second book from her publisher, ”Anupriya says with a hint of pride.

Abhijita, meanwhile, is happy since she knew “since the age of five” that she wanted her stories published in book form. She says she was “overjoyed” when she picked up her first book.

“I will never be able to forget this moment; I was jumping up and down with pure happiness.

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Edited by Teja Lele Desai
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