5 epidemic sound alternatives for royalty free music

There is nothing better in this digital world to finally find a suitable piece of music for your video. It could be a Vlog, a documentary, or it could be a personal project. Using royalty-free music for a creation can impact your presentation or even your business, for that matter. So here is this guide to the best epidemic sound alternatives.

Let’s be honest. No one is really going to hire an entire band or orchestra just to compose the original that matches their pitch idea. Right now, some of the movies under the best banners and production houses depend on Royalty Music. So, to learn more on the same topic, let’s dive deeper into the world of epidemic sound alternatives. Additionally, here’s a 30-day free trial of Epidemic Sound that you can use to sign up, surf, and use today.

5 best epidemic sound alternatives for music

What is epidemic sound?

Epidemic Sound is one of the leaders in the royalty free music market. This company offers a cumulative website about the product. This is a European company based in Sweden, and it was established in 2009 and in a way has shaped much of the content you consume on TV or on the internet. As of today, there could be over 6 million songs, music, and other relevant information on the store for users to choose from.

Comprised of many moods and genres, this Epidemic Sound website not only combines enthusiasm and youthfulness, but also serves as the crucial balance between talent and popularity. Many individual artists and even groups have created their healthy sound portfolios in Epidemic Sound repertoires. It’s not just for creators to use, but anyone who wants to listen to something original and exclusive can come to the website and jam, relax, or learn from the available content.

However, this service is not free as it provides intellectual rights including licenses and other things, besides it also serves as bypass income for a few artists, and for that, funding is a must. Also, all of these services should be chargeable anyway, but that’s just personal advice. The template is used on downloads and subscription rights, which you can also check by visiting their official website.

Why do I need epidemic sound alternatives?

There can be countless personal reasons why you might want to use a service like Epidemic Sound and others like this or in the competition. But, when it comes to the plausible and unique answer, it’s “uniqueness.”

By Uniqueness we mean that Epidemic Sound serves only a few artists exclusive to Epidemic Sound. You couldn’t find the same track, sound effect, instrumental or even vocals on any other legal platform. So people / creators, in order to find new original creators outside, tend to look to other alternatives to Epidemic Sound. Another big reason could be to keep finding out until something happens. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you are browsing 5 million or 50 million units. The song just doesn’t work, and for these reasons, one may still want to stay curious and get a hold of the other available platforms.

Therefore, most of the people find or want to find alternatives as it might be difficult for them to afford such exquisite service. There is nothing to be ashamed of because it is your money, and you deserve to take your time until you find the value in return.

Is Royalty Free Music Legal?

Yes, until it isn’t. Confused? Listen, music, like art, is a creation, and the creator deserves all the credit. But sometimes some websites can forge clever ways to distribute such unlicensed hard work and talent just to increase traffic to their ad-supported websites. And sometimes you might get in serious trouble if you download and use music from such sources. If you get a creation from trusted sources, you pay the creator through a subscription, fee, or license accreditation with your name. So, in these ways, you become eligible to use creativity in your creation.

The concept of copyright-free music (NCS) is slightly different from the royalty music category, and if you want to know more about it, you can learn it here. It is on the rise.

Is royalty free music completely free?

No. Royalty music is not free. When you subscribe, you can get some free, non-exclusive tracks that you can use without license accreditation or credits. But that doesn’t mean that Royalty Music is completely free. Either you pay for the song or you subscribe to a service that allows you to download Royalty Music and make it usable in your works.

What are the best epidemic sound alternatives?

1. Soundtrack

If you’re looking for production house music, Soundstripe has a bundle where you get the license to use their content, even on shows like OTT and TV. It is rather cheaper than its competitors for the quality of the music available. Plus, you can also download the Rods when it comes to their next more expensive subscription.

This is obvious to filmmakers and production houses. The mood match, as well as the playlists, are also quite calming. But, in an effort to attract a crowd, they release some of the music that is more suited to funky and fresh content, so it becomes difficult to quickly find a suitable track.

2. Audio

Launched in 2020, Audio brings some truly engaging tracks for creators. As it is apparently new, Audio is really focusing a lot on their services. What is better? They offer the lifetime deal, which is a good choice for those who seem to have a lot of plans ahead. You pay the full price once and get lifetime access to content, whatever is available on the website, even years later. But lifetime deals come with a few restrictions because, in a way, this is a good deal. Also, these SFX and other sounds do not cover OTT licenses.


If you like freebies, the Uppbeat is your go-to. Best of all, when you sign up for it, you get ten free downloads to get started. And also, you can use these sounds for any non-commercial purpose. Whether it’s a social media post or a youtube video. As long as you don’t earn any, you can use it anywhere you want. Otherwise, you can also choose from their seven dollar monthly plan, which gives you a lot more access than the free version. The user interface is pretty funky and it’s easy to find good leads. Moreover, when it comes to the budget, the quality of the content is also excellent.

4. Premium beat

Some of the best content on Premium Beat, which was once paid, is now 100% free. And it’s not just for a few particular tracks or genres, but within each category, you can browse and choose the free content. Which also means they have paid content. You can also get paid content. And a small subscription costs $ 65 per month, which includes five premium paid songs, which can be used on podcasts, radio, and anywhere you like.

5. Its free

When it comes to Free Sound, the word “hassle” doesn’t seem to exist. You can really just browse and pose whatever you want. Most of the content available on Free Sound is quite comprehensive and of high quality. To use any of the content available on the website, you must pay the rate decided by the artist and only for that particular soundtrack. Thus, the model is the most “free” because it does not promote subscriptions. And if you’re on the hunt for great artists who are trying to navigate the music industry, there is no place like Free Sound.

Final words

It is a hope that through this article you got what you were looking for. Music is necessary, it is elementary. Music improves, music integrates.

With Music, a simple video gets better and good content gets better. Best of yours. So whatever you do, remember to never back down on the music. It is understood that music can be expensive, but with these royalty free music distribution sites, things get a lot easier. Questions in mind? Drop a hello below.

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