5 costs that could ruin your travel budget

Whether you’re planning a dazzling vacation this year or a quick trip, budgeting in advance is crucial. This way, you can prevent your trip from causing you debt that you will have to pay off for months or years.

But be careful, even with a budget, when traveling, you could end up with expenses that you did not count on. Here are a few that could blow your budget.

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1. Luggage costs

If you are traveling to your destination, the cost of your flight is part of your travel budget. But don’t forget the fees you might incur to check your baggage. These can add up, depending on how many bags you have. If you book your trip using a travel rewards credit card, you can get perks like free checked baggage, eliminating this expense.

Maybe you are traveling to a beautiful resort or a pedestrianized town that you are eager to explore. While you may not need to rent a car, you will need to come and go from the airport. Factor this into your budget – if you’re going somewhere where the airport is far enough away from your final destination, you could easily spend $ 100 on round trips.

3. Additional Fees and Expenses at Resorts

If you are staying at a resort, amenities may be included, such as access to the water park, sports and activities, and even meals. But some things can not be included in your room rate, so take this into account when budgeting. Extras may include taxes and resort fees, alcoholic beverages, spa services, or certain sports or activities that are not included in your base rate.

4. Speeding tickets

If you are taking a road trip, factor in the cost of gasoline and tolls. But when you drive many miles, things can go wrong, and getting a speeding ticket is not out of the question. You might want to increase your budget in case you run into this or some other car travel issue. You can usually avoid getting a ticket by driving safely and paying attention to traffic signs, but mistakes do happen, and it’s good to have wiggle room in your budget.

5. Parking fees

If you are driving to your destination, remember to park. Your hotel, for example, may charge $ 30 or more per day to park. If you’re staying five nights, that’s not a trivial amount of money, so find out if you have to pay for parking.

Taking a vacation should be fun, so don’t let it get stressful by under-budgeting. Instead, think about all costs you might incur and take them into account to avoid unpleasant surprises.