15 celebrities and artists who hate their own songs.

I’ve always wondered if someone like Elton John, who’s been playing for decades, was like “man, I’m sick of this song”.

Because music consumers know that feeling, right? And we’re right here listening to the radio or Spotify playlists. We have the option to turn it off or press skip. But if you are in Abba and you hate “Mamma Mia”. Well, that’s bad news for you because there’s just no way you can’t play this song. You just have to. YOU ARE ABBA.

It turns out that many musicians have complicated relationships with the music they play. Some of them challenge their most important and recognizable successes.

I’m not sure if Abba hates “Mamma Mia” (sure not), but here are 15 celebrities who aren’t the biggest fans of their own songs:

Elton John, ‘Crocodile Rock’.

Oh. Turns out yes, Elton John is fed up with singing his music.

And it also turns out that “Crocodile Rock”, which was written like a joke, is his biggest problem.

Look: Sorry Elton, but this is “Crocodile Rock”. The message continues below the video.

Elton John appeared on the Deeney speaks podcast in May 2021, stating: “The last time I have to sing ‘Crocodile Rock’ I’m probably going to throw a party. It was written like kind of a joke, like a pastiche.”

He said he would never perform the song again after his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour ended in 2023.

“And it became a big hit and people love to sing along with it – so who am I to say ‘I’m not going to play it’ because I play to amuse people and to entertain people. But I have to say when the last show is over at the end of the tour, I will never sing that song again. “

In 2018, he admitted he was fed up with singing.

“There are some songs that you think, ‘Ugh, I got to sing that one again,’ he said. say. “

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