10 Most Valuable Celebrity Art Collections

Brad Pitt is known for his admiration for Banksy, while P. Diddy amasses a collection of works by Kerry James Marshall.

A major way for celebrities to increase their investments is to purchase high-end artwork. Much like stocks, art gains value over time, boosting the net worth of the individual who owns the coin. Whether celebrities buy art to help fund the careers of their favorite artists, use the works to build their investment portfolio, or simply admire and appreciate the art itself, they are contributing to the art market. through curatorial sales and auctions around the world.

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Some celebrities choose a preferred art style for their collections. This can include a variety of pieces ranging from graffiti and street artists to major canonical works by classical, impressionist or postmodern masters. In recent cases, it may also include digital sphere art, presented in the form of NFT. Others can choose a specific artist they admire and search for several of their pieces. Brad Pitt is known for his admiration of banksy, while P. Diddy brings together a collection of works by Kerry James Marshall. Others, however, are more eager to seek out promising artists whose pieces are still inexpensive. As the public becomes aware of its growing popularity, it can then sell the pieces at auction, making it a significant profit in the process. Regardless of the art they collect or their reasoning for owning the expensive pieces, these celebrities have acquired some of the most expensive art collections in history.

ten Leonardo DiCaprio, $ 18 million

Leonardo DiCaprio is known for both his activism and his art collection. It has works by some of the art world’s most recognized personalities, including a $ 9 million Basquiat and a $ 3.2 million Picasso. Unfortunately, the two pieces were handed over to the authorities linked to a situation of embezzlement linked to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad fund.

9 Ellen Degeneres, $ 20 million

Shortly after addressing the rumors behind her “toxic work environment,” Ellen Degeneres put the majority of her art collection up for auction. The sale included pieces by great masters such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Alexander Calder and François-Xavier Lalanne. The collection was valued at approximately $ 10 million alone.

8 Brad Pitt, $ 25 million

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Brad Pitt is known for his collection of contemporary art. It has several original parts street artist Banksy who leads to a friendship between the two celebrities. In 2009, Pitt reportedly spent $ 1 million on a single piece by German artist Neo Rauch.

7 Madonna, $ 100 million

Madonna is known for her collection of classical and contemporary art. She sold a piece by Fernand Leger at Sotheby’s for a report $ 7.2 million and owns both a Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo. She hasn’t shied away from emerging artists either. She commissioned Thierry Guetta, subject of Banksy’s documentary Exit through the gift shop, to create the cover art for one of his biggest tube collections.

6 Jack Nicholson, $ 150 million

Jack Nicholson has a taste for modernism and owns several works by Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, Magritte and Rodin. His recent appraisal placed his entire collection at over $ 150 million.

5 Steven Spielberg, $ 240 million

Spielberg not only art references throughout his films, but also collects coins himself. He is known for his admiration for Impressionism as well as Americana, including the works of Norman Rockwell and Edward Hopper. The two works of painters could almost replace the still images of some of his films like Encounters of the Third Kind or AND

4 Oprah Winfrey, $ 300 million

Oprah’s ever-expanding art collection includes works by Richard Edward Miller, Hovsep Pushman, and Gustav Klimt. She has loaned some of her pieces to the Museum of Modern Art in New York and to the Neue Galarie. Recently she sold a $ 150 million Gustav Klimt paints at auction to an anonymous buyer.

3 George Lucas, $ 600 million

George Lucas’ collection is so massive that he plans to open a $ 2 billion museum in Los Angeles. Entitled the “Lucas Museum of Narrative Art”, it is opening in 2023. The collection will contain a variety of classic and contemporary pieces, including a monumental mural titled “The Great Wall of Los Angeles” by Judith F. Baca.

2 Jay-Z, $ 1.4 billion

In addition to referencing a variety of artists throughout his songs, Jay-Z has also performed in front of a giant. Sculpture by Jeff Koons in 2017. His personal collection is massive and appears throughout his house. Above its fireplace is an iconic Andy Warhol play from the Rorschach series. He also recently spent $ 10,000 up for auction for a piece by Samuel Levi Jones, leaving his daughter Blue Ivy to place the winning bid.

1 David Geffen, $ 2.3 billion

David Geffen owns one of the most expensive art collections in history at an astonishing $ 2.3 billion. Despite the sale of some of his iconic pieces like “Number 5” by Jackson Pollock and “Woman III” by Willem de Kooning, his collection still accounts for nearly a third of his total net worth.

While these celebrities retain the highest value, there are a variety of other stars known for their collections and passion for art. Steve martin is a director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and a supporter of the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Kanye West is a fan of artist James Turrell whom he gifted $ 10 million for his ongoing Roden Crater project. Sean “P. Diddy” Combs attends Art Basel in Miami often and has paid $ 21.1 million alone for a painting by Kerry James Marshall. Celebrities and actors seemed to replace the royalty of kings and queens that traditionally funded artists, serving as new millionaire patrons of the arts.

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