10 examples of celebrity social media mentions that paid off

In a society powered by easily accessible social media at your fingertips, everyone is connected.

Confidence in major media sources has reached an all-time high; in fact, brands are now one of the most trusted sources of information.

Real connections are essential, and celebrity social media mentions have proven to be a great way for brands to make those connections.

People want to see a face, a personality, something that they can relate to. In this article, you can check out 10 examples of this marketing tactic in action. But first, how does celebrity approval work?

Why celebrity approval matters

If you are a trendy brand, you are using celebrity support to promote your business.

I’m not kidding: 75% of marketers use influencers as a marketing tool and 43% plan to increase spending on this form of advertising.

Marketing has moved beyond advertising. While still popular, social media platforms are increasingly used to promote your business.


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YouTube videos and celebrity promotions on platforms like Twitter and Instagram have had a huge impact on the articles promoted.

The celebrities and the brands that both team up are poised for huge payouts.

What Makes a Celebrity Endorsement Work?

The rules for making an endorsement work are quite simple: choose a partnership that makes sense and make sure you never insult the product that is endorsed.

While it may seem simple, not everyone has been able to keep up.

When Lebron James teamed up with Samsung in 2014 to promote the new Samsung Galaxy Note III, for example, a not-so-thought-out tweet made things go sour.

Lebron complained about his new phone wiping and restarting itself.

Screenshot from Twitter.com, July 2021

Yet when celebrity mentions work, they work well.


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To learn more about some of the most successful campaigns companies have launched with celebrities, keep reading below.

1. Travis Scott & McDonald’s

When McDonald’s teamed up with American rapper Travis Scott in September 2020, they had no idea what to expect. The meal they offered, called “The Travis Scott”, was so popular that it managed to create supply shortages everywhere it was released.

That doesn’t mean it was a bad idea. Not only did the meal become one of the chain’s best-selling menu items, Travis Scott also saw a chance to win.

Forbes estimated that he made around $ 20 million combined from the approval and sale of products. This is not a bad number.

The Travis Scott was the first time McDonald’s had associated a celebrity’s name with any of its products.

I would say that was a good idea, right?

2. Amy Schumer and Tampax

Comedian and actress Amy Schumer had a mission when she partnered with Tampax in July 2020. Together, they educated others on an important, albeit slightly socially taboo, subject: the rules.

The tampon brand has posted a series of YouTube videos featuring Amy Schumer talking about personal health and hygiene. Known for her outspoken humor, these videos are no different.

At the same time, they manage to appear sincere with a personal message.

“No Shame In Our Tampax Game”, along with many others, has crossed a critical point: there is no reason to be ashamed of normal bodily function.

The campaign was very successful as it went viral on social media. Who would have thought that education on a sensitive subject could be so entertaining?

3. Snoop Dogg and Corona

When famous rapper Snoop Dogg teamed up with Corona in August 2020, it was either growing up or coming home.

An ad featuring Snoop Dogg, also starring Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, aired during the Golden Globes. In front of the eyes of those who log on from across the country, the rapper remained iconic with killer costumes and a weird fashionable shell phone.

Snoop dogg made go big with this approval. He made $ 10 million for the business, not too bad for an advertisement.


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A talented musician who goes by many names, Snoop Dogg has absolutely made an even bigger name for himself and for Corona with it.

4. Ryan Reynolds & Mint Mobile

Renowned actor and film producer Ryan Reynolds made headlines when he and Mint Mobile got involved. He started by partnering with Mint Mobile and then moved on to November 2019 to buy the whole business.

Yes, Ryan Reynolds now owns Mint Mobile. The celebrity fully embraced the company’s endorsement, stating on the company’s official website,

“While all the other tech titans are on the hunt for rockets, I’m going to grab the low-cost wireless sector. Like most people, I only use rockets 10 to 12 times a year, but I use my mobile service every day.

So how is it going ?

Pretty good. Mint Mobile, a four-year-old company, has experienced tremendous growth over the past three years: its turnover has increased by 50,000%.

5. Jon Lovitz & Playology

Here we have arrived at the cutest entry on this list. While it’s rare for pet companies to partner with celebrities, Jon Lovitz and Playology have done so in fantastic ways.


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Playology makes toys for senior dogs, and actor Jon Lovitz is best known for his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Working together, the two in September 2020 achieved a winning combination of hilarity and cuteness that captured the hearts of the public.

It’s the internet, we all know dogs and humor go hand in hand – Jon Lovitz & Playology have shown the great advantage of this.

6. Shaquille O’Neal and Papa John’s

Shaquille O’Neal did it all. A former professional basketball player, rapper and sports analyst for the TNT Inside the NBA TV show, he certainly has a full portfolio.

Now this wallet includes pizza. In June 2020, Shaquille O’Neal partnered with pizza chain Papa John’s to create a specialty pizza – The Shaq-a-Roni Pizza that O’Neal presented himself.

The personalized pizza was a huge success, selling over 3 million units and raising $ 3 million for charity in two months over the summer. Shaq-a-Roni Pizza has provided many home pizzas.


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It doesn’t end there either. Closely following in Ryan Reynold’s footsteps, Shaquille O’Neal also wanted to get involved in the business. As of now, he is a member of the board of directors of Papa John’s. An athlete and a businessman.

7. Chrissy Teigen and blue apron

Not only known for her presence in modeling and on television, but also for her hilarious tweets, Chrissy Teigen decided she wanted to expand her horizons even further.

She wrote a cookbook and, right before its release, used a successful endorsement from Blue Apron to promote it.

A home meal delivery service with the unique option of adding a food and wine pairing, Blue Apron has relied on Chrissy Teigen’s humor for its celebrity brand.

Teigen’s own homemade recipes were featured for a while in June 2018. It wasn’t difficult for her to spread the word, as the model was already famous for frequently posting beautiful photos of her food on Instagram.

8. Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill & Uber Eats

It was a rival between the stars as they traveled through the stars.


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Patrick Stewart, famous for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek sci-fi series, found himself neck and neck with Star Wars actor Mark Hamill in September 2020. Who created the campaign? It was an already trending company that had a legendary rise in 2020: Uber Eats.

In this crossover ad that pitted two fighters against each other in the stars, the fight wasn’t about what you think.

No, they fought over how to say “tomato”.

And it was a success: critics raved about the ironic humor. The real lesson here? There is a powerful power in laughter.

9. Naomi Osaka & Beats by Dre

We talked about actors, musicians and models. However, they’re not the only type of celebrity who can harness the weight of celebrity approval. Tennis player Naomi Osaka not only has a powerful branding image, but a platform as well.

For the second time in November 2020, trendy headphone company Beats by Dre supported sports player and political activist Naomi Osaka. The results were a compelling advertisement with a powerful message.


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Osaka is not new to using its fame to talk about important matters. She has done this several times already, including raising her voice to talk about Black Lives Matter.

The advertisement for Beats by Dre has a simple but far-reaching message.

“Silence is violence.”

10. Eva Longoria & L’Oréal

Here is another company that has used YouTube to support their brand to significant effect. In May 2020, hair care brand L’Oréal teamed up with actress and soap opera producer Eva Longoria.

Similar to Tampax, the two came up with a series of helpful YouTube videos to promote the brand while receiving help from McCann Paris.

With long, luxurious hair, Eva Longoria was a perfect fit for the endorsement.

Here is another example of an ad that is not quite an ad giving excellent results.


Everything changes, including the way people buy products. Modern consumers are looking for a personal recommendation from someone they might consider a friend, not just anyone.


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And who doesn’t want to be friends with their favorite celebrity?

Marketers are increasingly turning to celebrity-endorsed products to grow their brand. As the influence of social media spreads its arms ever wider, if you want to sell a product, put a face to it. Preferably a friendly face.

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