10 celebrities who regularly practice meditation

Actor Dave chappelle calls the time we live in “The Age of Spin”, where we are bombarded with information from all corners. The age of social media, while recognized for making the world a global village, has given us twice the options and twice the chaos. In the midst of all that we are fed and the data that we feed ourselves, what then is it supposed to keep us down to earth? Meditation. Being in a quiet space allows us to be self-aware, to let go of anxiety, and to deal with stress.

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While we normal people are bombarded with information that we can choose not to participate in by simply turning off our gadgets, the reality of most celebrities involves this “noise” on an increased scale because sometimes it’s them. the subjects. To face the harsh realities of celebrity and find a place between filming, interviews and all the shenanigans that come with being a star, some celebrities have taken to meditation.

ten Ellen degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres, 13-time Emmy Award winner and talk show host, is well aware of the importance of transcendental meditation. She learned it from Russell Simmons, and later, Russell Brand. Speaking at a David Lynch Foundation event in 2012, Ellen said: “I was very impressed with the people that I learned that they practice TM.” She added that he must. to have something to it, then her journey began, by the time of the occurrence, she had been practicing it for a year.

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9 Lady Gaga

As part of Oprah’s Vision 2020 tour, Lady Gaga revealed that in addition to being kept on her guard by women like Oprah, her fans and her meds, she also practiced meditation. Through her social networks, Gaga has gone so far as to show her fans how she meditates. It helps him cope with chronic pain and mental issues. She also embraces positive affirmations and reading as part of her mental health care.

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8 Beyonce

When asked if she had found a way to juggle motherhood, her career while keeping the hive up to date, Beyonce described the work-life balance as “stressful.” In a question-and-answer session with Elle, Beyonce revealed that she takes care of herself through meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, and acupuncture. Beyoncé seems to be pass the habit to his daughter, Blue, which was photographed in a meditative position.

7 Oprah winfrey

Formerly called Oprah Winfrey Super Sunday of the Soul like the show she was meant to make with her life. Through the show, she interviews spiritual and opinion leaders. Oprah swore by Transcendental Meditation and even had a 21-day meditation experience in 2020 with Deepak Chopra. Oprah has said in the past, “Usually before the sun rises I offer myself to something bigger than myself … I have a little meditation space that I go to.”

6 Hugh jackman

In an interview with Howard Stern, Hugh Jackman revealed that meditation has changed his life. At the time, he had been practicing it for 15 years. Both agreed that most of their creativity emerged from transcendental meditation. Of its benefits, Hugh Jackman has said in the past, “It’s not just about finding calm, it’s about finding happiness, and that’s natural. It’s for everyone … What TM did was bring us back to what we had forgotten; our birthright to be happy.

5 Howard stern

Speaking with Jerry Seinfeld, Howard Stern revealed that he was introduced to TM by his mother, whose sister had passed away. To help her cope with her loss, Stern’s father gave her mother the option of becoming an alcoholic since everything she had tried hadn’t worked. Stern went to college and, months later, got a call from his mother, who was “organically happy” through meditation. He also decided to get started.

4 Jennifer lopez

In a 1999 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez revealed that she regularly practices meditation. “I’ve been living in hotels for almost a year and a half now. Almost a year of being in the public eye, and people are scrutinizing you. When things get really crazy I like to take a minute alone… I think meditation has helped me a lot…. Just connecting with who I am and knowing who I am … God plays a big role in my well-being, my mind, my soul. He gives me peace.

3 Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada’s journey to meditation began when she realized that she was the “keeper,” who put everyone’s well-being before her own. As a result of “crushing under the weight of responsibility,” she decided to “surrender,” and the revelation came to her as she meditated. Speaking to Suzan Colon, she said, “I pray and meditate every day, and when I meditated that morning, I felt God was saying to me: surrender or explode. “

2 Jerry Seinfeld

At a 2013 David Lynch Foundation gala, Seinfeld revealed that he has been practicing transcendental meditation for 41 years. The first time he did this he stayed up all night because he had “never felt this good before”. He also had terrible acne at the time, and it was gone as soon as he got into TM. What he didn’t understand at first was the concept of getting up in the morning and “resting”. For nine years, when he had one of America’s greatest sitcoms, he meditated when everyone was out for lunch.

1 Clint eastwood

In 2011, Clint Eastwood revealed that he has been practicing transcendental meditation for 40 years. The Oscar-winning director said of the practice: “It’s a great tool for everyone. It’s a tool for stress (and stress of course comes with any business. ). ” “I think there are enough studies that show that TM is something that can benefit everyone,” Eastwood added.

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