5 things you shouldn’t save on Free first loan

Most probably answer yes to the question “Is it worth saving?” Effective saving to build a financial cushion or emergency fund is difficult and be careful not to fall to the other extreme. It is

Most probably answer yes to the question “Is it worth saving?” Effective saving to build a financial cushion or emergency fund is difficult and be careful not to fall to the other extreme. It is easy to overlook the moment when saving ends and ordinary stinginess begins – as harmful as excessive wastefulness.

After all, there are areas of life where saving is not worth it, because in general it will bring more harm than good. For the most part, these are also the areas that will best serve the loan. When should you use it?

In a healthy body, healthy mind


It is said that health is the greatest and most valuable human good. Good psychophysical condition is the basis for success in other areas of life, including the financial one. Saving on health, avoiding visits to the doctor, not buying medicines (which can be very expensive anyway), not using rehabilitation, and even abandoning prevention are balancing the risk of health loss, which in turn can lead to job loss or other sources of income. That is why it is worth not only to care for it, but also to invest, even if it involves expenses.

You have to be aware of the fact that in the event of problems, speed is very important, which often involves the need for private consultations or treatments. This may require sacrificing part of your savings, and if you don’t have them – looking for an external source of financing. An online loan has the advantage over credit that it is available right away – it can be obtained very quickly and without unnecessary formalities, and this is very important if time matters.

Even loan companies are aware of health protection – more and more often, when taking a loan, you can also take advantage of medical packages. Until recently, Sure Loans customers could take advantage of the Sean Cole promotion, thanks to which they obtained the possibility of unlimited visits to specialists.

Provident also has a medical package in its offer. When you take out a loan from this company, you can insure yourself against an accident or sudden illness, and in return for USD 13 a month receive help in the form of access to medical visits, rehabilitation or medical transport throughout the country. In random situations, the Provident medical package also provides compensation in the event of permanent damage to health.

Education pays off


Investing in yourself is the best way to allocate funds and savings. Self-development and raising qualifications is one of the best ways to improve your financial position. It is a long-term investment, but it is very durable and – most importantly – it is never too late for it, although of course it is worth starting as soon as possible.

Similarly to health, here you can be tempted to take out a loan – although you will usually have to bear the associated costs (unless you take advantage of a free loan), sooner or later they will pay back more. The need for education is also understood by lenders, thanks to whom even very young people standing on the threshold of adulthood can borrow.

In companies such as Good Finance, Sure Cash or Fast Cash with loans even 18-year-olds who are just starting their educational and professional career.

You are what you eat


Food prices in Poland are really diverse, so you can easily compose full meals at a really low cost. You only have to remember one thing – full does not mean full value. This, in turn, can affect your health. Of course, you don’t have to spend the money right away – you can prepare meals yourself, avoid processed products or add more vegetables and fruits to your diet.

It does not cost much, and good-quality products can be found on the average price shelf, you do not necessarily need to look among promoted and advertised healthy foods. However, the lowest prices will usually entail equally low quality and nutritional value.

Invaluable security


The safety of oneself and one’s family cannot be overestimated, all the more so as excessive savings in this area can lead to a tragedy, the effects of which cannot be reversed. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the risk of expenditure is eliminated as much as possible. Investments in new tires in the car (as well as its overall efficiency), burglar alarm or carbon monoxide detector will certainly deplete the wallet, but will ensure a restful sleep and a sense of security.

We also indicate this area as a good reason to take out a loan if you do not have sufficient funds to pay for it yourself. Fortunately, the range of non-bank products is so wide that you can easily find something for yourself – whether it will be payday loan or installment loan – provided that you familiarize yourself with the individual offers beforehand (we recommend our loan comparison service).

Good home appliances will last longer


Purchase of new home appliances or electronics is one of the more frequent reasons why Poles take out loans, most often because the purchase of those that will last for years is often in the order of several thousand zlotys. In no case is it wasteful – more expensive equipment is less emergency (which can save you money on repairs), and consumes incomparably less energy.

It is not without reason that poor people can not afford cheap things – the life span of cheaper equipment can be several times lower, and instead of one expense in a few years, you can get ready for a few every year. On this occasion, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that quantitative saving is not important, but wise and therefore selective saving.